Parents and Families

Fall color blankets the Wake Forest campus.Congratulations to parents and families of students enrolled into the Class of 2021!  We are eager to welcome your student to Wake Forest in August!  This page will be your space for news and information about your student’s orientation process.  Please keep track of the due dates and action items.

Please feel free to contact the Office of Family Engagement at if you need additional information or assistance.  Welcome to Wake Forest!

So that we may begin including you on emails from Wake Forest, please complete a Family Record Form as soon as possible.

Later in May, your students will receive a hard copy Forestry 101 book with a First-Year-Parent-and-Family-Calendar with information for families.

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Things to do in June…

Purchase student laptop through WakeWare (optional) – Available May 14 Information
Complete Family Record Form – June 5 Form
Register for New Student Reception (if applicable) – as soon as possible Information
Talk to your student about authorizing you as a third-party payer on DEAC – June 10 Instructions
Review the Advice for New Parents webpage – June 16 Webpage
Make hotel reservations for move-in Information

Has your student?…

Submitted a Wilderness to Wake Pre-Orientation Application (if applicable) – June 1 Information
Submitted a Housing and Dining Application – June 10 Complete in WIN >Virtual Campus >Residence Life & Housing
Completed the Directed Self-Placement Assessment – June 10 Information
Request reporting of AP/IB scores to Wake Forests (if applicable) – June 10 Information


Has your student?…

Submitted a Health Information and Immunization Form – July 1 Form
Submitted a Deacon OneCard photo Submit Here
Submitted Disabilities Documentation (if applicable) – July 1 Disability Services
Complete Technology@WFU – July 1 Complete in Sakai
Emailed to connect with a trained student advisor (if needed) – July 10 Email
Completed the Foreign Language Placement Test – July 13 Complete in WIN


Later in July…

Register for Family Weekend online via the Student Union website – July 18 Registration
Determine if you will ship items to campus – July 18
Determine if your student will register for the Zipcar program (if desired) – July 30

Has your student?…

Tuition Due – August 1 Payment Methods
Complete Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver Form – August 1 Enrollment/Waiver
Granting Proxy Access [for grades, etc] – August 1 Information
Read the alcohol and substance use information for parents and discussed it with your student – August 10 Information and Instructions
Registered for Parking (if applicable; registration opens August 3) – August 18 Register


Things to do in August…

Completed the Alcohol and Other Substance Misuse Prevention Online Course (AlcoholEdu) – Course is available on August 1. Deadline is August 25. Prevention Programs
Completed Sexual Misconduct and Interpersonal Violence Prevention Online Program (HAVEN) – Program is available on August 1. Deadline is August 25. Prevention Programs
Submitted a Marching Band Pre-Orientation Application (if applicable) – August 1 Commitment Form
Submitted a SUMMIT Christian Ministries Pre-Orientation Application (if applicable) – August 1 More Information
Submitted a Protege Mentoring Program Application (if applicable) – August 1 This programs has been put on hold for the 2017-2018 academic year.
Received an email with their housing assignment More Information

Has your student?…

Check DEAC and WIN for financial holds (if your student hasn’t authorized you, ask him/ her to!)- August 12 DEAC | WIN
Submit the Tuition Insurance Plan Form (if desired) – August 18 Information and Instructions
Print a Move In Parking Pass and Map – August 18 First-Year Student Parking Pass
Transfer Student Parking Pass
In order to best manage traffic, we encourage new students, and those traveling with them, to enter campus via University Parkway or Reynolda Road.


Other things to do in August…

Checked DEAC and WIN for financial holds (if your student hasn’t authorized you, ask him/ her to!) – August 12 DEAC | WIN
Registered his/her cell phone number for Wake Ready – August 18 Instructions
Registered property with University Police – August 18 Form
Downloaded the Life Safe App (optional) More Information
Completed his/her Handshake Profile with the Office of Personal and Career Development; Profile not available until Aug. 1 Visit OPCD for more information
Read his/her chosen Project Wake book (if applicable) – Aug. 18 Instructions and Steps
Signed the Student Technology Agreement – August 26th Complete in WIN >Personal >WFU Agreements >Information Systems’ Digital Agreements >Student Technology Agreement
Further instructions can be found, here.

Has your student?…

Completed Round 1 of Registration – July 18-21 More Information
Complete Course Preference Survey – July 15 Sent via email
Submitted a Worldwide Wake Pre-Orientation Application (if applicable) – July 15 Application
Submitted a Deacon Camp Pre-Orientation Application (if applicable) – July 15 Application
Submitted a S.P.A.R.C. Pre-Orientation Application (if applicable) – July 15 Application
Signed up for Project Wake: Citizenship (optional) – July 15 More Information
Submitted B.U.I.L.D. Pre-Orientation Application (optional) – July 15 Application