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You need to register

It’s (almost) time to register for courses.

Registration for fall classes will take place over the summer. In early July, the Office of the University Registrar will notify you via your WFU Google Mail to let you know when you can check Workday to find your assigned registration day and time. This section will introduce you to the process of registration. This jobaid will help you see curriculum requirements in Workday.

What you need to know

Where to start

Registration will occur over the week of July 8-12. At your designated registration time, you will be permitted to access registration by logging into Workday. You will be allowed to register for up to and including seventeen hours. Registration will remain open until 5 p.m. EDT on July 12.

You will receive a Guided Pre-registration Survey on May 1 that will help you organize your thoughts regarding choices of courses for which you hope to register. You may submit this survey any time between May 1 and May 31, but it must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. EDT on May 31. Once submitted, this survey will help your lower-division advisor learn more about your academic plans. This survey is due May 31.

The following information and step-by-step guide will prepare you for the process of registering for classes.

Troubleshooting (Who do I call?)

No one likes to play phone tag. Here’s who to call in certain situations:

Call the Office of the Registrar if…

  • You have not been assigned a registration appointment in Workday
  • You have concerns about sending/receipt of AP/IB credits
  • You are having technical or access issues with Workday
  • You cannot register for a class even though it has open seats and you meet any relevant prerequisite and/or corequisite requirements

Call the Office of Academic Advising if…

  • You have questions about your Foreign Language Placement results or you believe you qualify for a Foreign Language Exemption
  • You have questions about keeping or forfeiting AP or IB credits awarded
  • You are confused by placement test results
  • You need guidance because all of your planned courses have filled


Workday is a source for accessing many Wake Forest online services and resources. You can use Workday to view your midterm and final grades, access your Academic Progress Report (APR), where you see how each of your credits is applied to your degree, view the schedule of classes each term, make a plan of classes to take, register for classes, and view your class schedule.

Common registration add errors

Class Restriction

Definition: Course or section is restricted to students in a particular classification (e.g., first-year, sophomore, junior).

What do I do?: Your classification level must be the same as the course at the time you take it. Restrictions are listed following the course description in the Undergraduate Bulletin.


Definition: Course has a corequisite; you must be registered for both courses simultaneously.

What do I do?: Corequisites are listed in the course description in the Undergraduate Bulletin (as indicated with a “C”). Select both corequisites simultaneously, and register for them at the same time.

Missing Prerequisite and/or Test Score

Definition: Prerequisite or placement test score is missing or insufficient to register for the course.

What do I do?: Prerequisites are listed in the course description in the Undergraduate Bulletin (as indicated with a “P”). Make sure all AP/IB and prior college credits have been received by WFU and are visible on your academic transcript.

Time Conflict

Definition: Course conflicts with another registered class.

What do I do?: Find another class that meets at a different time.

Duplicate Course

Definition: Course is the same as another registered course.

What do I do?: Register for a different course.

Maximum Hours Exceeded

Definition: Maximum hours for that registration round will be exceeded with addition of the class.

What do I do?: Make adjustments to schedule. Cannot exceed the limit established for the registration round.

Instructor Signature

Definition: Permission of instructor (POI) is required to register for class.

What do I do?: Submit a Course Section Prerequisite Override Request. Instructions can be found here.

Closed Section

Definition: Section is at maximum capacity.

What do I do?: Register for another course.


Definition: Reserved seating for entry term is at maximum capacity.

What do I do?: Register for another course.

Registration FAQs

Don’t Forget!

You can register beginning at your assigned time, and you will be permitted to make changes until the end of registration — July 12 at 5 p.m. EDT.

Important Dates

May 31

  • Guided Pre-registration Survey due


  • Notification email from the Office of the University Registrar

July 8-12

  • Registration

August 28

  • Drop/add begins

Registration FAQs

You probably have some questions. We have answers. Check out our FAQ section for more information.