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Step 1: Log into Workday

The Workday site is where you will find all things registration, including information about your registration appointment, courses being offered, and your academic records. Get familiar with Workday before registration begins.

Step 2: Prepare for Registration

Before you are permitted to register, you must complete student onboarding tasks. You will not be able to register until onboarding tasks are completed. Your registration hold will be released immediately upon submitting the onboarding  task. You may access and complete onboarding tasks beginning now and any time prior to your registration.

Onboarding Tasks for Undergraduate Students: How students complete onboarding tasks in Workday.

You may register beginning at your assigned registration appointment. You will be permitted to make changes until the end of self-registration: July 12 at 5 p.m. EDT.

Check that you do not have any other holds that will prevent you from registering.

Step 3: Create An Academic Plan and Saved Schedules

Plan your classes before registration opens so that you have time to consider your options.

Step 4: Search for Classes

Search for course sections being offered this Fall.

Step 5: Registering

Registration instructions are fully explained in the videos that follow.

Step 6: Resolve Any Registration Errors

Make sure to adjust anything that’s gone wrong with your plan. 

Step 7: View Your Registration

After you have registered for courses, you may view your enrolled courses by going to your Workday Profile > Academics > Current Classes.