Life in the Forest

Make yourself at home.

Hungry? Tired? Need a place to park? We’ve got you covered. Get to know your new home a little better by browsing the following topics.

Deacon housing

Your Deacon Housing

Find information on the residential experience, including: housing assignments, roommates, what is included in rooms, your Deacon OneCard (student ID), and more.

Wake Forest holds Pitsgiving, the annual Thanksgiving meal in the main cafeteria that the students call the “Pit,”

Enjoying Your Eateries

Learn more about Wake Forest Dining and its many venues, as well as meal plans. We have something to offer everyone – dig in and discover all we have to offer!

The Wake Line

Parking & Transportation

Everything you need to know about registering a car, where you park on campus, our Wake Forest shuttle system, Zipcars, and more.

Campus mail services

Mail Services

Information about how to find your PO Box number (available later this summer) and how to ship items to campus (for both US Mail and UPS, FedEx, etc.).

Student Health Service

Deacon Health

Deacon Health helps students stay healthy by providing an array of services such as standard doctor’s visits, flu shotsHIV and STI testingX-Rays, a pharmacylaboratory and much more.