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Engineering class at WFU

It’s all about class.

You will register for your fall classes online in July. Although your personal lower-division adviser will not be assigned to you yet, there are many resources available to help you plan, including academic counselors in the Office of Academic Advising. You will register for your spring semester courses in November.

Your registration can be accomplished using any device with internet access. Your access to registration begins at the assigned time and ends July 12 at 5 p.m. EDT, so you can register for classes at any time that is most convenient for you once your registration time opens. For more information, see the Registration page.

If you will be unavailable the entire week of registration, please contact the Office of Academic Advising prior to June 28.

Registration resources

You'll Need To Register For Classes Online illustration

These are some resources to help you along the way.

What does a typical schedule look like?

Consult with an academic counselor if you have specific questions, but a typical first-semester schedule is 12-15 credits and includes:

  • FYS or WRI 111 (or 109) but not both in the same semester*
  • Foreign language
  • Divisional requirement (in a subject you like or are good at, or is a prerequisite for a potential major)**
  • Divisional requirement (in a subject you like or are good at, or is a prerequisite for a potential major)**
  • Bonus class(es) — this could be another divisional, an elective, or a combination of 1- & 1.5-credit classes such as HES 100, LIB 100, EDU 120

*You can use the information you get from our First Year Writing Decision Tool to make a decision about which course to register for in July. We do not recommend that you take FYS (the first-year seminar) at the same time that you take WRI 111, since it is 4 credits, but it would be fine to take FYS at the same time you take WRI 109 or WRI 110 since they are each just 2 credit hours.

**Pre-business majors and students interested in health careers should see the Pre-Professional Advising website.

Steps to complete prior to registration

Advising for pre-professional interests

Advanced Placement scores

Wake Forest needs to receive your AP scores directly from the College Board. Log in to your College Board profile no later than June 20 to request that your scores be sent to the Office of the University Registrar (college code 5885). If you request your scores by this date, they may be received at Wake Forest University in time for registration in July. You must complete this process to ensure that the University Registrar receives your official scores, even if you submitted AP scores with your admissions application or prior to your enrollment. Please note that score processing may take up to two weeks once Wake Forest receives the scores from the College Board. Scores of 4 or 5 will generally result in AP credit, but there are exceptions.

Refer to the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate page for information on credit awarded, course equivalency and exemptions for specific tests and scores.

International Baccalaureate scores

Official IB transcripts must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar. Contact your IB program coordinator or submit a request through the IB website as soon as possible.

Refer to the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate page for more information regarding transcript submission, credit awarded, course equivalency and exemptions.

Checking credits awarded

To determine if your AP/IB credits have been applied to your academic record, go to Workday> View Profile > Academics > Transfer Credit.

If you believe you will have AP/IB credit for a course but it is not recorded on your transcript by the time of registration, do not register for the course in question. Most students do not want to take a class at Wake Forest for which they will obtain AP/IB credit. Qualifying scores received later will still gain you course credit.

Foreign Language Placement

Information for students looking to take the Foreign Language Placement test.

Don’t Forget!

Make sure you check your WFU email regularly. You will be receiving important emails that contain information regarding surveys, registration, and orientation events.