The content on this site is for students who have been admitted to the Class of 2027. Information for the Class of 2028 will be available on May 1, 2024.

We’re so glad you could make it.

Whether you’re a new first-year or a transfer student, the information provided on this site will be your primary source for everything you need to know to ensure your smooth transition to Wake Forest.

Food, shelter, maps, general wisdom and the laws of the land. All conveniently located here. So make yourself comfortable and take a look around.

You can graduate, but you never have to leave.

New Student Checklist

Class of 2027 Checklists

There are many tasks you will need to do over the summer as you prepare for your time at Wake Forest. These key dates will help you keep track of what you need to do, and when.

Families during Move-in Day

Checklist for P’27 Families

While most of the tasks are for students to do, there are some parent and families action items you will need to complete. These key dates will help you keep track of your to do list.

Additional Resources

Campus Resources

Campus Resources

There is a vast network of support services on campus to help you when you need it. Learn more about the offices and programs that are here for you.

Parents & Families

Info for Parents & Families

Wake Forest believes parents and family members can be our best partners in ensuring their students’ success. We strive to keep you informed and engaged, particularly as your student starts college.