Pre-Orientation Programs

New Wake Forest first year students help build a house with Habitat for Humanity as part of their pre-orientation volunteer Service with the SPARC program.

Because sometimes you just can’t wait.

What’s even cooler than Orientation? Pre-orientation, of course. You can start your Wake Forest experience early with one of our optional pre-orientation programs. Make new friends out in the wild, get to know your new home through volunteer work with your classmates, learn about Wake Forest history and traditions or climb a mountain for worship and reflection.

These are just some of the options, so the choice is yours! Don’t wait too long to apply, as these tend to fill up fast. You’ll arrive a few days early, and when the program concludes, you’ll join the rest of your classmates for New Deac Week.

What’s Being Offered?

Program NameDateApplication Deadline
Deacon Camp 14–17June 30
Fresh in the Forest 14–17June 30
Marching Band Camp your emailJune 30
MazalWAKE 14–17June 30
R.E.C. 14–17June 30
S.P.A.R.C. 14–17June 30
Summit: Christian Campus Ministry 14–17June 30
WakeABLE 14–17June 30
WakeWell 12–16June 30
Wilderness to Wake 12–17June 30

Pre-Orientation Drop-Off

By participating in a Pre-Orientation program, you will arrive on campus on August 12th or 14th (prior to the official Move-In window). Students participating in Pre-Orientation programs will receive instructions (including your move-in date) directly from the Office of Residence Life and Housing. Many families choose to send their students to campus with the bare necessities for Pre-orientation and then bring students’ remaining belongings on Move-in Day. This also enables parents to participate in all parent and family orientation activities.

Need-based scholarships are available. Contact the sponsoring office for possible need-based scholarship offerings.