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Registration FAQs

1. When do I register for classes?

Round I of registration is July 8-July 12. You will register for up to and including 8 hours starting at your designated registration date and time. The professional advising staff will use your responses to the Course Preference Survey to craft the remainder of your fall course schedule.

Your future registration for Spring 2014 courses occurs in October/November of 2013. Registration for Summer 2014 and Fall courses starts in March/April 2014.

2. How is my registration date and time determined?

The assignment of registration time is random. Typically, if you have an earlier registration time one semester, you will have a later registration time the following semester.

The assignment of registration dates are based on classification year. Normally, seniors register the first day of the registration period, juniors the second day, sophomores the third day and freshmen the fourth day.

3. What do I do if I am traveling or have a conflict when my registration period starts?

Your registration can be accomplished using any device with internet access. Also, remember that your listed registration time is the time your access to registration begins and will remain open until July 12 at 5 p.m., so you can register for classes at a time more convenient to you.

If you will be unavailable the entire week of Round I registration, please contact the Office of Academic Advising prior to July 8.

4. Why is registration conducted in two rounds?

Undergraduate registration in two rounds allows students to register for the two or three courses most important to them in Round I before anyone completes their entire schedule, to ensure fairness. In Round II, the remainder of the class schedule can be completed.

5. Are my first 8 hours that I register for set in stone?

No. While the professional advising staff will work hard to honor your selections from Round I, in some cases your first 8 hours of registration may need to be adjusted to make certain you can be registered in other courses that fit your needs.

6. How is the remainder of my fall schedule crafted for me?

Your responses to the Course Preference Survey will help the professional advising staff ensure that you are registered for courses that align with your academic goals and aspirations, and that you are enrolled in courses that meet your needs. In addition, the Office of Academic Advising, the Office of the University Registrar, and the Office of the Dean of the College can work with various academic departments to try to accommodate enrollment needs for the incoming class.

7. When will I know my schedule?

Your course schedule will be available on WIN starting August 13. You can view your course schedule by going to Virtual Campus>Class Registration>Schedule/Student Detail Schedule.

8. Can I make adjustments to my schedule?

You will be permitted to make adjustments to your schedule starting the first day of classes after meeting with your lower division adviser.

9. How do I add a class?

The last day to add classes for Fall 2013 is September 10. The Office of the University Registrar will provide you with the detailed instructions for adding classes.

10. How do I drop a class?

You are allowed to drop classes on WIN (permitted you stay above 12 hours) until September 10. After this date, you may request permission to drop from your instructor and adviser.

11. Can I waitlist a class?

No, not for this fall semester. In future registration periods, waitlisting will be available to you.

12. Why am I getting a prerequisite error when I try to register for a foreign language course?

The results of your Foreign Language Placement test will determine your placement for your first foreign language course. You must register for the course level indicated on your placement test.  If you are receiving AP/IB credit in foreign language and still see this error, the Office of the University Registrar has not received your AP/IB scores. Please ensure that you send these as soon as possible.

13. I know I will be receiving AP/IB or prior college credit.  I am having difficulty registering for a higher level class.  What should I do?

Please Contact the Office of the University Registrar at or (336)758-5207.

14. What does the Directed Self Placement tell me about my first writing course?

The Directed Self Placement helps you to be better informed when making decisions about which writing course you should enroll in first.