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There is nothing on campus more valuable than you.

The Wake Forest University Police Department is committed to providing a safe and secure educational and working environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. We are a full-service department with a 24-hour communications center, security officers and commissioned police officers.

Available Resources

What you need to know

Wake Alert

The University’s Wake Alert website is the primary source of information on emergencies.

WFU Google Mail

The University will send a message to all WFU Google Mail addresses of students, staff and faculty.


Wake Alert website announcements will appear on Twitter. Follow @WakeAlert

Indoor Alert System

Many academic and administrative buildings have advanced fire alarm systems that can to announce an emergency using speakers in particular common areas. The messages are pre-recorded.

Outdoor Warning System

An alert message will be broadcast outdoors using speakers that activate a siren and announce a brief pre-recorded or live message.

Text Messaging

The University will send brief text messages to students, faculty and staff who have registered their cellphones on WIN. Undergraduates must register for the messages by providing their cellphone numbers when they register for classes each fall.