Growth Mindset in STEM

Engineering Students work on their "cardboard furniture" projectGrowth Mindset in STEM is designed to help students excel in courses taken in Division V departments: biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, health and exercise science, mathematics and statistics, and physics.

Our program is centered around the philosophy of growth mindset, which is the belief that abilities can be developed through appropriate effort. You will learn specific strategies on how to apply these concepts in your STEM classes through discussions and activities led by Division V faculty. We will introduce you to relevant campus resources, and you will have ample opportunity to interact with faculty and current students who will be resources for you as you navigate Division V coursework.

Students in their chemistry lab.The small size of the program and planned social activities, such as a scavenger hunt in downtown Winston-Salem, will help participants get to know one another and build a community that can provide support throughout their first year at Wake Forest. To foster this, participants will be invited to attend monthly mentoring dinners during the academic year. Issues explored will include challenges faced by members of the STEM community who belong to underrepresented groups. Priority will be given to applicants with an interest in making the STEM community more inclusive.

A limited number of scholarships are available.

Cost: $350*
Application Deadline: June 9
When: August 17-20
Sponsored by: Office of the Provost and the Division V Departments

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*price subject to change