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Move-In Day

The designated move-in day for first year students is Thursday, August 22, 2013. For further information about move-in day and procedures, please see RLH website.

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Check-In: 5 Easy Steps

  1. Pull your vehicle into a designated unloading zone closest to your residence hall and follow the unloading procedures below.
  2. Go to the main lobby in your assigned residence hall for check-in.
  3. Introduce yourself to the hall staff and show them your room assignment.
  4. Pick up your keys, Room Condition Report, and other materials.
  5. Unload belongings at the curb and have someone move your vehicle to a parking lot so that others may unload their cars.

Parking and Unloading

With over 3,000 students check in to the residence halls in just a few days, moving can be chaotic. To make everyone’s arrival as pleasant as possible, please:

  • Observe all parking restrictions and traffic patterns; University Police will enforce these regulations. Park only on designated streets and in designated lots; do not park on the lawns since it may damage the underground sprinklers. While you are checking in, park in the designated unloading areas.
  • Quickly unload your belongings at the curb nearest to your residence hall. Once you are finished unloading, please move your vehicle to a parking lot.
  • Do not park in handicap spaces, fire lanes, service areas, driving lanes, roadways, sidewalks, on the grounds or any other area not designated for parking.
  • Check weather forecasts and plan accordingly. Bringing umbrellas and plastic for covering your belongings would be a good idea if rain is in the forecast.