Campus Support

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The Forest is intentionally small so that the individuals who are drawn here will never be lost in a crowd or see themselves as anything less than a vital part of a true community. Wake Forest takes education personally. That means providing all possible means of supporting students in what can be an exhilarating yet stressful time in a young person’s life.

We are committed to providing a vast network of support services and centers designed both to guide our students throughout their time at Wake Forest and provide outlets of individuality and commonality within a diverse environment rich in perspective, inclusion and open dialogue.


Benson University Center 311
Phone: 336.758.4665


Benson University Center 346
Monday–Friday: 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.
Phone: 336.758.5864


Benson University Center 314
Phone: 336.758.4053


Reynolda Hall 116
Phone: 336.758.5938


Reynolda Hall 117
Phone: 336.758.5273


Reynolda Gym B104-B107
Phone: 336.758.2134
24/7 Help Line: 336.758.5285


WF Wellbeing Center B103
Phone: 336.758.4371


Reynolda Hall 118
Phone: 336.758.5929

LGBTQ Center

Queer, trans, bi, pan, questioning or just an ally who wants to learn more? The LGBTQ+ Center is here for you! Check out our lounge in Benson 311 for comfy couches and free coffee. Need virtual engagement? No problem! We have virtual programming, online meetings and community building events available as well. Need help navigating college life while thinking about your gender identity or sexual orientation? Reach out to us at, or visit us online at Don’t forget to check out Gender-Neutral Housing options on your Housing Application and LGBTQ-inclusive Lower-Division Advising on your Course Preference Survey!

The Intercultural Center

The Intercultural Center strives to influence campus culture by cultivating intercultural knowledge, competency and leadership. We are committed to enhancing the experience of domestic and international underrepresented groups by offering co-curricular programming, student support and engagement, identity development initiatives and opportunities for comprehensive learning and development.

To learn more, stop by Benson University Center 346 or visit our website at

Women’s Center

The Women’s Center strives to create an educational and professional environment that supports women and promotes gender equity. Our initiatives encourage students to explore gender as a critical component of their identities and experiences, from their interpersonal relationships to their postgraduate aspirations. We offer a range of opportunities, including discussion hours, workshops and enhanced student-faculty interactions. Some of our programs are designed as women-only spaces, but most of our initiatives are open to all members of our campus community. Come to the Women’s Center in Benson 314 to learn more or to make new connections at Wake Forest.

Center for Global Programs and Studies (GPS)

At Wake Forest University, global learning experiences are an integral part of your education. Wake Forest has made global study and cross-cultural understanding a priority. The Center for Global Programs and Studies is your on-campus resource to assist with incorporating global learning opportunities into your academic experience. We offer more than 30 Wake Forest-administered study abroad/away programs and can provide information on our many affiliate program offerings. The International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) division of GPS supports all international students, faculty and staff participating in programs at Wake Forest University. We strive to leverage our abroad, campus and outreach efforts to enhance the global campus community. Our goal is to provide the resources and support for all Wake Forest students, staff and faculty to develop as global citizens and create a global campus community. Visit us in Reynolda Hall 116.

The University Counseling Center (UCC)

The University Counseling Center provides confidential individual and group-based counseling and psychotherapy for a broad range of personal and interpersonal issues. Individual assessment and counseling for concerns related to alcohol and other drug use are also available. The Counseling Center offers outreach programs and consultation to students, faculty and staff as well as referrals for off-campus mental health providers. For mental health emergencies outside business hours, the counselor on call can be reached 24/7/365 by calling the University Counseling Center at 336.758.5273. All services are free to full-time Reynolda Campus undergraduate and graduate students. Contact with the UCC is confidential to the fullest extent provided by law. Appointments may be scheduled by telephone at 336.758.5273 or in person at Reynolda Hall 117.

The Safe Office

The Safe Office provides confidential crisis response, ongoing support and prevention services to Reynolda Campus students for concerns related to interpersonal violence, including sexual misconduct, relationship violence and stalking. For urgent matters, the Help Line can be reached 24/7 during the academic year at 336.758.5285. For non-urgent appointments, call 336.758.5285 or email Visit for more information.

Collegiate Recovery Community

The Wake Forest University Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) exists to support students who wish to live lives free of drugs, alcohol or other forms of addiction. The CRC offers students support meetings, professional and peer supports, and sober programming to support them in their effort to maintain their recovery.

Learning Assistance Center and Disability Services (LAC-DS)

Wake F Forest is an equal access institution that admits qualified applicants without regard to disability. When a student with a disability is admitted, the University seeks to accommodate those needs that are determined to be reasonable and that do not compromise the integrity of the curriculum.