General Advice

The questions that parents and families ask most frequently are available on our Parents and Families FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions page). Please consider that as your starting place for questions – and if your question is not answered there, contact our office at

Here is a roundup of some general advice for parents and families of new students, and/or past web content that may be helpful.

Parents as a Safety Net, Not a Safety Harness – excellent advice from the University Counseling Center

Starting College – A Guide for Parents – why letting your student solve his/her own problems is best. ┬áSee also: Stop, Drop, and Roll.

The Agony of Choosing – about students having to decide class schedules, majors, and more

New Students and Parents – with tips on roommates, residence halls, and more

New Beginnings and Advice – about the importance of students asking for help when needed

Move-In Day Best Practices – things to keep in mind on Move-In day