Reynolda House

The origins of the Reynolda Campus can be found a few steps away in the Reynolda Historic District, with Reynolda House Museum of American Art at its center. Opened in 1967, Reynolda House displays and interprets a premier collection of American art within the 1917 country house created by Katharine Smith Reynolds, wife of tobacco magnate Richard Joshua (R.J.) Reynolds. A visit to Reynolda in your first year is essential to understand why the ground you walk on is called the “Reynolda” Campus.

Reynolda gets its name from the feminine of Reynolds, a nod to the estate’s visionary Katharine Reynolds. As a 1,067-acre working estate, Reynolda originally incorporated the main house, also known as The Bungalow, set within a carefully designed landscape and a working model farm; recreational facilities, including an artificial lake and a nine-hole golf course; formal gardens (now Reynolda Gardens); and a picturesque estate-support village (now Reynolda Village) echoing the style of the main house. Wake Forest’s Reynolda Campus now occupies the land that was the farm. As both a historic house and an art museum, Reynolda interprets the past and present through historic furnishings, decorative arts and works of art from the likes of Georgia O’Keeffe, Frederic Edwin Church, Mary Cassatt and Nam June Paik.

2017 marks the centennial of the Reynolda Estate and the 50th anniversary of the Museum. Reynolda will celebrate this momentous year with memorable festivities, inspiring programs and landmark exhibitions. Reynolda’s history is both Wake Forest’s history and Winston-Salem’s history, and the celebration of its first 100 years is a historic moment for the entire community.

General admission to Reynolda House is free for students, and the Museum offers several events at no cost to students throughout the year. Students can also get involved at Reynolda House through internships, volunteer opportunities and academic research.

An affiliate museum of the University, Reynolda House is an easy quartermile walk from campus along the wooded trails of Reynolda Gardens that connect South Campus to Reynolda Village. Reynolda House is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Sunday from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.