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Financial Aid
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Information on this site is for the class of 2020. Information for the class of 2021 will be available May 2017.

This Forest is home to a diverse community of students hailing from a wide range of backgrounds and personal experiences. Wake Forest is more committed than ever to helping deserving students join our educational community.

The Office of Student Financial Aid exists to help you find the resources you need to attend Wake Forest.

If you have not yet applied for need-based financial aid, please go online for application instructions and answers to frequently asked questions.

Students considering non-need-based financing options may wish to investigate loan programs; a list of frequent Wake Forest student lenders and details can be found here

If you have received a financial aid award notification, please ensure that you have read and fully understand all information contained on the Information for Undergraduate Aid Recipients page and on the Helpful Resources page. The Brochure and the Undergraduate Bulletin list important rights and responsibilities, and contain essential information for financial aid recipients. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid if you have any questions about material related to financial aid contained in the Brochure or Bulletin.

Carefully monitor your WFU Google Mail for messages from Through WIN, students securely and efficiently view and manage their financial aid records. The initial financial aid award notification is generally the only paper notification sent to students; all subsequent financial aid notifications are made electronically through email and WIN.

Your account statement, available online via DEAC (Deacon Electronic Account Center), should reflect the fall semester’s estimated financial aid award after June 1. The amounts of certain loan programs may be less on the account statement than the amounts on financial aid award notifications, due to estimated lender fees. Most financial aid funds are credited to students’ accounts near the beginning of each semester.

If your notification includes an offer of Federal Work-Study Employment, your account statement will not include work-study earnings, which are paid directly to you bi-weekly as work is performed. Placement, either on campus or in nearby community service organizations, is done by the Student Employment Coordinator based on a survey of student interests and skills.

If your notification includes an offer of a Federal Perkins Loan or Wake Forest student loan (Denmark, Hutchins or Wallace), please note that instructions for completing loan promissory notes are sent by Wake Forest University to enrolling students, beginning shortly before the fall semester.

Outside scholarships count as student resources, becoming part of the package of financial aid, and do not replace or reduce the expected family contribution. Because outside scholarships often reduce eligibility for previously awarded financial aid programs, please notify Student Financial Aid as soon as possible of any outside scholarships that you have been awarded.

Athletic scholarship recipients should contact Athletics Compliance at (336) 758-3992 with any questions.