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The Office of Information Systems is your primary resource for all things computing. In the mid-1990s, Wake Forest University earned a reputation as a leader in academic technology by providing students and faculty with computers and an extensive campus network infrastructure. That tradition continues as Wake Forest students enjoy a robust suite of software applications and full access to cloud-based tools while now having the ability to choose their ideal computer. These tools will empower you to collaborate across the University and beyond. As a Wake Forest student, you can access many services, such as WFU Google Apps for Education, including Gmail, WebEx, Sakai and WIN, using your DeacNetID (username) and password. Use of all Wake Forest technology resources is governed by the Policy on Responsible and Ethical Use of Computing Resources. Please take time to read this policy, as you are accountable for adhering to it.

Complete the following before arriving on campus:

May 14| First day to purchase your laptop through the WakeWare website

July 1 | Complete the Technology@WFU online course in Sakai

The Computer

All undergraduate students at Wake Forest have the opportunity to purchase a powerful laptop through WakeWare, the University’s academic technology program. WakeWare gives you the choice of specifically configured laptops with extended warranty and insurance at a special university-only discount that is efficiently supported on campus without charge. All students must have a laptop that meets the minimum technical standards in order to sufficiently support the academic software required, which is why we strongly recommend a WakeWare Dell or Apple laptop. Our laptops are designed to best support you through your years at Wake Forest. Information about the WakeWare program, including purchasing processes, software, minimum configuration requirements, and support limitations on non-WakeWare machines is available online at


software@WFU is every student’s one-stop shop for downloading all academic software. As soon as class software requirements are established by the instructor, you may download institutional licensed software from software@WFU onto your personally owned computer. If you choose not to purchase your laptop through WakeWare, make sure to visit the WakeWare Support page for information on minimum specification requirements for computers so all of Wake’s academic software can run on your laptop.

Your WFU Google Mail Account

All new undergraduates are assigned a Wake Forest University Google Mail account. This will be your official email address that the University will use to communicate with you.

To access your account, go to and enter your and password. Your email address is your DeacNetID followed by The Information Systems Service Desk ( sent a message to the email address provided on your admissions application. The email contains instructions for activating your myDeacNet Account. Your DeacNetID (username) and password will provide access to your WFU Google Mail account as well as Wake Information Network (WIN) and other online services.

Activating your myDeacNet Account allows you to manage your account from any computer, anyplace with an Internet connection. If you have not received this email, please contact the Information Systems Service Desk at (336) 758-4357.

Your password should not be shared with anyone. For enhanced security for your data, Information Systems recommends that you enable Google 2-Step Verification for your WFU Google Mail account to prevent hackers from being able to use your email account even if they have your password. You can enable this by visiting the web page

Technology Support Resources

Wake Forest provides extensive tech support services for you and your computer. Current computing information and important technology tips are online at, the University’s online technology hub. The Information Systems Service Desk, located in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, offers walk-in assistance from full-time professional consultants and student assistants. Phone assistance is available by calling (336) 758-4357. Additionally, requests for assistance may be submitted by logging into ResolveIT at


All new students must complete the Technology@WFU program. This will help familiarize you with computing at Wake Forest and covers topics ranging from using the campus network to using personal technology on campus. It will also introduce you to Sakai, the learning management system. You must complete the program before July 1 in order to facilitate Round I of course registration.

You will need your DeacNetID and password, a current version of Internet Explorer (Windows) or Firefox (Windows or Mac). The quiz is expected to take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete, but times will vary by individual.

To access and navigate the Technology@WFU program:

  1. Go to in your browser
  2. Log in using your DeacNetID (Sakai calls it “user id:”) and password
  3. Click on the Membership link on the left side of the page
  4. Click on “Joinable Sites” (This link is directly under the Membership heading)
  5. Search for Technology@WFU 2016: A-M or Technology@WFU 2016: N-Z, depending on your last name
  6. Click “Join” to join the appropriate course
    • A tab will appear along the top of your “workspace” for the Technology@WFU course

To complete the Technology@WFU course:

  1. Click on the Technology@WFU course tab in My Current Sites
  2. Click on the “Connect securely to the campus network” link on the left side of the screen to begin the course
    • You must complete the assessment at the end to be listed as having completed the program

You may close your browser when you complete the program.

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