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Class of 2017 Computing

The Office of Information Systems is your stop for all things computing. In the mid-1990s, Wake Forest University earned the reputation as a leader in academic technology by providing students and faculty with an extensive campus network infrastructure and laptops for all students and faculty. That tradition continues as Wake Forest students and faculty enjoy a robust suite of software applications on a University-provided laptop and full access to cloud-based tools, including WFU Google Apps for Education and WebEx. These tools empower you to collaborate across the University and beyond.

As a Wake Forest student, many services, such as WFU Google Apps for Education, WebEx, Sakai, and WIN are accessed using your Wake Forest username and password.

Use of all Wake Forest technology resources is governed by the Policy on Responsible and Ethical Use of Computing Resources. Please take time to read this policy as you are accountable for adhering to it.

Action Items:

Your WFU Google Apps and WebEx Services

All undergraduates are assigned a WFU Google Mail (gmail) account. Your email address is your Wake Forest username followed by This will be your official email address that the University will use to communicate with you. To access your email account, go to Once you log in at, all of WFU Google Apps will be at your fingertips. To access your WebEx services, go to and click on “My WebEx.” Learn more about our collaborative environment here.

The Laptop

All undergraduate students new to Wake Forest receive a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook with Windows 8, 8 GB solid state drive, non-touch screen, and an i5 2.6 GHz processor loaded with a comprehensive suite of software applications standard for students and faculty. Incoming first-year students will receive a laptop during Orientation. The laptop will be yours to use throughout your undergraduate years at Wake Forest. Wake Forest will retain ownership of the laptop, but you are responsible for the care of the laptop and will be subject to repair charges and applicable deductibles in case of negligence, loss, or theft. Learn more about the laptop here.

ThinkPad Protection

Wake Forest offers ThinkPad Protection to cover accidental spills, drops or other damage. The ThinkPad Protection costs $99 and will be billed to your student account in the fall.  It covers the ThinkPad and includes a replacement battery during the four year period of coverage that ends in June 2017. Currently, a replacement battery costs over $200. Without the protection, students will pay up to a $500 deductible per incident for damages to the computer and will be responsible for the cost of replacing batteries. Learn more about ThinkPad Protection and how to purchase it online here.

Laptop Distribution

Distribution of laptops will take place on Thursday, August 22, from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. in Reynolds Gymnasium. Please plan for the distribution process to take 30 minutes. A detailed schedule will be posted in the Benson University Center when you arrive on campus. Learn more here.

Technology Support Resources

Wake Forest provides extensive tech support services for you and your laptop. Current computing information and important technology tips are online at, the University’s online technology hub. The Information Systems Service Desk, located at The Bridge in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, offers walk-in assistance from full-time professional consultants and student assistants. Phone assistance is available by calling 336.758.4357. Additionally, requests for assistance may be submitted by logging into ResolveIT at


All new students must complete the Technology@WFU program. This will help familiarize you with computing at Wake Forest, and covers topics ranging from using the campus network to using personal technology on campus. It will also introduce you to Sakai, the course-management system. You are strongly encouraged to complete the program before July 1 in order to facilitate Round I of course registration, which begins on July 8. Get started by following the instructions here.

Check out these recommended accessories

There are all kinds of accessories that you might want to use with the X1 Carbon. Here are some of our recommendations.  You can pre-order them and pick them up on move-in day!