FAQ’s for Parents and Families

NOTE: the information on this website was for students entering Wake Forest in fall 2018. Information for the Class of 2023 (who will be entering in fall 2019), will be available at the beginning of May 2019. 

You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

  • When does my student need to register for classes, select housing, etc.?

    All incoming students in the Class of 2022 will do those activities (and many more) during summer 2018.  You can look at the Parents and Families Information and Deadlines page to see action items and due dates.

  • When will my student receive their residence hall and roommate assignment?

    Students will receive their residence hall and roommate assignments in late July or early August.  Students do not select their residence hall or roommate the first year; assignments are made based on students’ responses to their Housing and Dining Application.   See more at Housing.

  • When is Move-in Day? What if my student does a Pre-Orientation program?

    Move-in Day will be Wednesday, August 22, 2018.  The Orientation schedule will be posted online later this summer.  Students move in on August 22nd, then there will be parent and family Orientation that day and through the early evening of Thursday, August 23rd. Parents and families should plan to depart after the family orientation ends; students will be involved in a full schedule of mandatory New Deac Week (Orientation) activities on the August 24-26.

    Some of our students elect to participate in optional pre-orientation programs; these take place a few days before official Move-In and cover a variety of different subjects/activities. If your student wants to do a pre-orientation program, you may wish to wait until your student has been officially accepted and gets his/her move-in date. Please note that students cannot move in to their residence halls a day earlier than their program starts; if they need to arrive the day before they will need a hotel.

    Many families choose to send their student to pre-orientation programs with the bare minimum supplies they need, then families arrive on Move-In day with the rest of their belongings; this allows parents/families to participate in all Orientation activities.

  • How can I keep up with all the activities my student is supposed to be doing this summer?

    All emails from the Office of Academic Advising that are being sent to your students at their WFU email addresses prior to orientation will also be archived online for you.

  • When is tuition due and how do I pay it?

    The Deacon Electronic Account Center (DEAC) is an electronic billing system that allows students and authorized payers to view student account activity and make online payments. Student Financial Services does not set up parents or other third parties on the account; students must authorize others in order for them to have access to their accounts. We strongly encourage students to authorize their parents or a third-party payer on their account.

    Tuition is due August 1st. You can see payment methods here.

    Failure to pay a bill/missing a payment will result in a hold on the student’s account, preventing him/her from class registration or other important processes.  See the Financial Services section for more information.


  • Does my student need to purchase a laptop?

    WakeWare is a program that allows you to purchase a laptop that is guaranteed to work with all academic software, has educational-based pricing (for greater discounts), provides a loaner laptop in case repairs are needed, and has built-in accidental damage protection.  Students who receive institutional aid from Wake Forest (athletic, merit, or need-based) may be eligible for a Technology Grant and will be emailed in mid-May.  Learn more.

  • How do I get access to my student's grades and other matters?

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law which is designed to protect the privacy of students’ educational records. Higher education institutions generally must withhold such information from parents and other family/close friends.

    Students have to provide Proxy Access to parents/guardians so they can see their academic records; see the Registrar’s Proxy Access website for information.

  • When is Family Weekend?

    The date for Family Weekend 2018 is September 28-30.  Registration for 2018 Family Weekend will open on July 10th.  There are some Family Weekend Events that have limited capacity, so register early to reserve your place. Hotel blocks are available (while supplies last), or you can choose from other hotels.

  • What are other key dates in the school year/when can I purchase plane tickets for my student?

    Families can use the academic calendar as a general guideline of when school is out of session, however, before you make any plane reservations for your student, you would be wise to wait until after the semester starts.  Once your student has his/her schedule, the student can consult the syllabus for each of his/her classes and discuss the class/exam schedule with the professor.  Some professors will schedule exams or assignments on the last day of class before break, and some professors have attendance requirements that only allow a certain number of missed classes, and your student is responsible for knowing the specific requirements for his/her classes.  Also, your student must be sure of his/her final exam schedule.

    NOTE:  for families of young women who plan to go through sorority recruitment in January, please note that Potential New Members need to arrive on January 8 (the rest of the students can move in on January 12).

NOTE: The Parents’ Page has a full FAQ page.  Please look there if you have additional questions.  If your question can’t be answered there, please email the Office of Family Engagement at parents@nullwfu.edu for assistance.