Emails Your Student Has Received

August 22 – weather related changes for Friday evening 8/23

August 21 – on change of location for Making of a Demon Deacon

August 19 – on New Deac Week

August 16 – Announcing the assignment of academic advisers

August 14 – Fall in the Forest (extended Orientation activities)

August 9 (from Residence Life & Housing) – about physical and environmental wellbeing, and how to keep your living environment free of moisture.

August 9 (from Office of Academic Advising) – Course schedule, pronunciation of your name, advising, and more.

August 5 – Move-in procedures and timeframes, sustainability tips for a more eco-friendly move-in, involvement matcher for student organizations, CHARGE, and more.

August 2 – New Deac Week (aka Orientation) details, and the adjustment process when college begins

August 1 – Pro Humanitate (“for humanity”) and civic engagement opportunities through the Office of Civic & Community Engagement

July 26 – upcoming August deadlines, vehicle registration, immunization and documentation of disabilities (mobility and/or learning), and more

July 17 – extension of pre-Orientation application deadlines

July 13 – why students should consider taking FYE 101 (First Year Experience course)

July 12 – more reasons to consider Project Wake

July 11 – approaching due dates for July 15th, Project Wake, and preparing for registration

July 10 – email about pre-Orientation program application deadlines, and more.

July 10 – about Project Wake, the optional (and highly recommended) opportunity for students to meet in small groups with a faculty or staff member to discuss a book.

July 8 – How to prepare for course registration, and more.

June 21 – Living Learning Communities and writing course survey, Foreign Language Placement test, 1-credit fall classes, planning for course registration, fraternity/sorority webinars, Project Wake, and more.

June 3 – steps to prepare for course registration, Foreign Language Placement tests, Living Learning Communities, writing course options, and more

May 24 – Pre-Orientation programs, travel details, due dates, and more

Throughout the summer, the Office of Academic Advising (as well as other offices) will be sending emails to new students in the Class of 2023.  Any of those emails that are also sent to the Office of Family Engagement will be replicated here, with the newest emails appearing at the top of the page.