June 22 email to students


We hope you are enjoying your summer!  It is hard to believe that we are barely over a week away from July!  This is the third summer email from the Office of Academic Advising to keep you informed about upcoming deadlines.

This is one of the longer emails you will receive from us this summer, so please be sure to take your time to read and digest, it as this message has a lot of important information about various topics including preparing for registration, Project Wake, parental access to academic records, upcoming deadlines, and more.

Please note that all previous emails can be found at https://newstudents.wfu.edu/parents-and-families/emails-student-received/).

Writing Course Survey (Part I) and Living-Learning Communities

On June 16, new students received an email containing a personalized link for the Writing Course Survey (Part I). This survey introduces you to Living Learning Communities (LLCs) and gives you the option to express interest in participating in a LLC as part of your first-year experience. Although participating in a LLC is optional, we encourage you to consider this option, which allows you to live in the same residence halls as all other first-year students while also making significant and lasting connections with your classmates in the residence hall. Please complete and submit the Writing Course Survey (Part I) by June 23 (Friday!).  If you are enrolled in a LLC, this class will not count against your 12 hours in Round I of registration.

Preparing for Registration:

Complete the Foreign Language Placement Test by July 13.  You should take the test for any language you studied in high school, even if you currently do not plan to continue studying that language.  For students whose primary language is not English, do not take the foreign language placement test in your primary language.  If you want to begin a new language that you have not studied before, plan to begin at the 101 or 111 level – but you should still take the FLPT in case you change your mind later.  For more information on the foreign language requirement, see Forestry 101, p. 91, or newstudents.wfu.edu/academics/getting-started/planning-for-registration/foreign-language/.

In early July, you will receive feedback from the Directed Self Placement (DSP) team. The DSP feedback provides guidance about which writing course might be best for you, but ultimately the choice of a first writing class is yours.  The DSP team (dsp@nullwfu.edu) is happy to help you with any questions you might have. A link to the Writing Course Survey (Part II) will also be sent with your DSP feedback. Complete the Writing Course Survey (Part II) to indicate your non-LLC FYS 100 and writing courses of interest. All incoming students must complete the Writing Course Survey (Part II) by July 14.

Do you still have questions about academic requirements or registration?  If the sections on Academics and Registration in Forestry 101 and the New Student Website do not answer your questions, email undergraduateadvising@nullwfu.edu or call (336) 758-3320 to speak with a professional academic counselor.

Featured 1-Credit Fall Classes:

FYE 101 (1h). The College Transition.  Be proactive in learning how to make your transition to college as successful as possible.  Learn about the characteristics of successful college students – and about yourself – and get one elective credit while doing so!  In this course you will explore issues related to academic success, living in community, and wellbeing in the transition to college.  The course is offered on a pass/fail basis only.  Please note that although you can’t see the actual sections in WIN yet, several sections of this course will be available by the time of registration.

CSC 192 (1h).  STEM Incubator Courses.  A STEM Incubator course is another 1-credit pass/fail elective that provides a great way to explore academic study in STEM fields.  But don’t trust me, listen to WFU students talk about their experience in CSC 192:  http://college.wfu.edu/cs/humanitech-program/videos

PROJECT WAKE: Exploring Difference, Embracing Diversity

PROJECT WAKE provides an exciting opportunity during New Deac Week to participate in a discussion led by a Wake Forest faculty or staff member and to meet other new students interested in the same book and topic.  New students – as well faculty/staff leaders – who participate in Project Wake have high praise for the experience!  We strongly encourage you to participate!  Go to https://newstudents.wfu.edu/orientation/project-wake/ to view information about this year’s project, the list of 2017 summer reading options, and instructions for signing up.  And then … enjoy the read!

Women in Science Mentoring Program

If you are a woman interested in any STEM field – from Pre-Med to Psychology to Mathematics – we want you to know about the Women in STEM organization.  This program seeks to connect incoming first-year women with upperclass women in STEM, to help new students learn more about these fields at Wake Forest. If you are interested, please fill out the following DOCUMENT.  If you have any questions please contact Mary Finger at fingme14@nullwfu.edu.


Christy M. Buchanan, Ph.D.

Senior Assoc. Dean for Academic Advising

Professor of Psychology


Cherise N. W. James, M.S.

Associate Director of Orientation and

Lower Division Programming

Office of Academic Advising & Dean of Students

Upcoming Deadlines:

Due June 23:

Writing Course Survey (Part 1) – sent to you via email on June 16

Due July 1:

Health Information and Immunization Form

Deacon OneCard Photo

Any disabilities documentation as necessary

Tech@WFU online course on Sakai

If you have not done so already, please also remember to:

Authorize Third-Party Payers on DEACaccount

Due July 13:

Complete the Foreign Language Placement Test in WIN

Due July 14:

Complete & Submit Writing Course Survey (Part II) – this survey will be sent to your WFU email along with your DSP recommendation (by the DSP team) in early July

Due July 15:

Sign up for Project Wake: Exploring Difference, Embracing Diversity

Pre-Orientation Programs – (applicationsdue July 15)

B.U.I.L.D. Pre-Orientation Program

Deacon Camp Pre-Orientation Program

S.P.A.R.C. Pre-Orientation Program

Worldwide Wake Pre-Orientation Program


GET CONNECTED and STAY CONNECTED: Your official guide to WFU social media & “New Deac 2017”!

Many of you have connected via social media already, which is great!  If you have not done so already, be sure to follow @WFUOrientation on Twitter , and request to join the official Wake Forest University Class of 2021 Facebook group at  Wake Forest University Class of 2021 Facebook group. Finally, visit https://guidebook.com/app/NewDeac17/ to download the WFU Orientation Programs app (New Deac 2017). You will find the most up-to-date information, including schedules, maps, and much more. On a laptop/desktop computer or unsupported mobile device, visit https://guidebook.com/guide/93464/ to access the content in your web browser. Questions regarding New Deac Week can be directed to Orientation@nullwfu.edu.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the Office of Academic Advising with questions (336.758.3320, undergraduateadvising@nullwfu.edu, or orientation@nullwfu.edu).


Giving Parents Access to Academic Records:

As the student, you are in control of your academic record. You have the choice to grant access to others so that they can view certain pieces of your educational record. This is termed granting “proxy access”.  You can control what level of access is granted to the proxy. Proxy users can potentially view items such as a student’s class schedule, grades, or academic transcript.

Please note that we are unable to discuss your academic record with anyone who is not listed as a proxy. The Office of the University Registrar will be available to answer questions about proxy access during Campus Services Day.

More information regarding proxy access, including how to provide permission for parents to have access, can be found here: https://registrar.wfu.edu/academicrecords/