July 20 – Course Preference Survey Email


At the end of this email, you will find your personal link to the Course Preference Survey (CPS). The CPS will help you prepare for the rest of your first semester courses as well as your broader academic plans. It will help you decide on classes for Round I registration (starting next week), and also help our professional advising staff to craft the remainder of your schedule following your Round I of registration. Finally, the CPS will help your academic adviser get to know you even before your arrival on campus.We are sending you this link a bit earlier than anticipated so that you can begin working through it in anticipation of registration next week. Please know, however, that we are still working on registration for fall writing classes (WRI 105, WRI 111, WRI 210, WRI 212, FYS) based on the preferences you expressed in the Writing Course Survey (Part II). Your registration for these courses will be finalized and viewable in WIN on Friday at 6 pm. Please keep in mind that, except for Living-Learning Communities, your writing course will count toward your maximum allowed hours in Round I of registration. You will not be able to adjust your registration for these courses during Round I. If you find that your writing course creates an irreconcilable conflict with another required course, we ask that you contact us to discuss the situation.

In preparation for your registration next week, you should work through the CPS up until the STOP sign.  Make notes about what courses you want to prioritize for Round I registration. When you reach the STOP sign, just close out the survey (do NOT click submit). You will go back to finish the survey after you finish your Round I registration and submit it by July 28.

It is important that you you answer all questions (and do so thoughtfully) before submitting. The more details you are able to provide, the more we in the Office of Academic Advising can ensure a Fall schedule that fits your interests and needs, and the better your academic adviser can help evaluate that schedule and advise you in the future.

If you have questions for us prompted by your work on the CPS, please contact our office by calling 336-758-3320 during business hours (8:30-5 pm EDT, M-F) or by emailing undergraduateadvising@nullwfu.edu.  Staff will be answering emails over the coming weekend.

Your CPS link is personalized to you, so do not share your individual link with any other student. If you would like to preview the survey, a PDF version will be available for you to view on the New Student Website. Should you encounter technical problems while filling out this survey, please contact undergraduateadvising@wfu.edu.

All the best,
WFU Academic Advising Staff

Follow this link to the Survey: (NOTE: link not reproduced here because they are for students only)