July 12 email to students


Have you signed up for Project Wake yet? Faculty and staff discussion group leaders have picked a book with you in mind!  You can’t beat this as a no-pressure opportunity to connect with faculty and staff who sincerely want to get to know you!

Past discussion leaders report wonderful conversation as well as the fun of meeting new students:

“I had a fantastic time with the book discussion!  The discussion was rich and engaging. The students were really engaged in the topic and we ended up going a little bit overtime. At the end, they were interested in my research and I gave them a tour of my research lab.”

“I was really excited about the discussion our group had. After we finished, they all went to the Quad to continue the discussion until dinner. I had a remarkably positive experience, and some of the students have come by to visit me since then.”

“It was a great discussion. I keep running into students who were part of the discussion group, and it is always nice to see them. I even get a hug on occasion.”

Project Wake will be a great opportunity to meet new classmates and get the feel of a college discussion!

To sign up visit the Project Wake webpage.


Dean Buchanan and Associate Director James

Christy M. Buchanan, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Advising
Professor of Psychology
Office of Academic Advising

Cherise N. W. James, M. S.
Associate Director of Orientation and
Lower Division Programming
Office of Academic Advising & Dean of Students


GET CONNECTED and STAY CONNECTED: Your official guide to WFU social media & “New Deac 2017”!

We know that many of you have connected via social media already. Be sure to follow @WFUOrientation on Twitter, and request to join the official Wake Forest University Class of 2021 Facebook group. Finally, visit https://guidebook.com/app/NewDeac17/ to download the WFU Orientation Program’s app (New Deac 2017). You will find the most up-to-date information, including schedules, maps, and much more. On a laptop/desktop computer or unsupported mobile device, visit https://guidebook.com/guide/93464/ to access the content in your web browser. Questions regarding Orientation can be directed to Orientation@nullwfu.edu.



Due July 13

Due July 14

  • Complete & Submit Writing Course Survey (Part II) – this survey was sent to your WFU email along with your DSP recommendation (by the DSP team) in early July

Due July 15

Pre-Orientation Programs – Optional Opportunities (applications due July 15)

July 24 – 28:

  • Round I of Registration (students self-register for up to 12 hours)
  • Complete & Submit Course Preference Survey – Sent to WFU email on July 21

Pre-Orientation Programs –Optional Opportunities (applications due August 1)