Email to Jewish New Students

Dear new WFU Jewish students,

We are so excited to welcome you into our community!

Jewish WFU.  We have a very friendly and active Jewish community.  The Hillel Board members love to organize fun social events. You will get a calendar in the fall of all our events, and these events will also be listed in future e-mails. We have Shabbat dinner in the Hillel Lounge at least twice a month and there are usually 40 to 60 students who join us. We celebrate most Jewish holidays on campus. At last count, we have 237 Jewish undergraduates, and 53 Jewish faculty and staff.  

Jewish Pre-Orientation: We also want to let you know about our Jewish WFU pre-orientation, MazalWake, which is set for August 20 -22. We would love for you to join us, move into your residence hall (dorm) early, meet other Jewish students, learn your way around campus and explore your (Jewish and non-Jewish) WFU resources. Check it out (and register) at

Jewish Orientation Reception: Please mark your calendars (and tell your parents/ family) to join us at our Jewish reception / lunch on August 24 from noon – 1:15 pm in Benson 409 during orientation days.  For more info, check your Forestry 101 booklet that was mailed to you, or go to

Social Media:

Explore our website:

Like our Facebook Page:

View our Instagram: @Hillel_WFU

Weekly e-blast: We are adding you to our weekly WFU Jewish Life e-blast so you will know about WFU Jewish Life Office and Hillel events. Here is the latest e-blast:

You should receive future e-blasts on Mondays at 10 am – at your WFU e-mail.  If your parents want to be added to the e-blast, please send me their e-mails or have them contact me.

Your Photo: Remember to upload your photo to Deacon OneCard so we can have your ID ready for you at Pre-Orientation.  This is the ID that you will use for everything, including swiping for meals, getting into the Hillel Lounge, and checking books out of the library.

Visiting: If you are on campus over the summer, please let us know, or stop by the Jewish Life office in Reynolda Hall 17a.  Our office will be moving to Benson 321 on August 7th.

During the school year stop by the Jewish Life Office for some free coffee/ tea/ snacks.  We are here for you so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need anything. 

How to reach us: 

Dr. Gail Bretan, Jewish Life Office., (336) 758-4056

Jamie Lichtenstein, Hillel (Jewish student-led organization) President., (646) 522-0889

Matthew Kanter, AEPi (Jewishly-rooted Fraternity) President.





Gail H. Bretan, Ph.D.
Director of Jewish Life
Office of Jewish Life & Programming
The Office of the Chaplain (Religious Life)
Wake Forest University