August 17 email about schedules and 8/18 deadlines


Your fall course schedule will be available to you earlier than planned. You will be able to view it on WIN tomorrow – Friday, August 18th – at 9 am EDT.  With your schedule in hand, you will be able to order textbooks (textbook ordering instructions) and make other preparations for your classes. You will be able to discuss your schedule with your academic adviser during New Deac Week, specifically the morning of Friday, August 25th. After meeting with your adviser, you will be able to make adjustments to your schedule if you wish.

Our office has worked very hard to craft balanced schedules that take into account your desires and interests as expressed on the Course Preference Survey, the requirements that every first year student has, and the courses available this fall. We worked hard to honor your Round I selections and stated preferences, and we trust you see that reflected in your schedule. Nonetheless, some of you will have questions about your schedule. We have tried to anticipate these questions, and provide some answers here: Frequently Asked Questions About RegistrationBefore contacting our office with questions or concerns, please read the linked FAQ document closely…and to the very end, where we address those situations about which it is appropriate to contact us. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this important material in its entirety.

Until you arrive on campus, any questions you have after reading the linked document provided are best directed to the Office of Academic Advising. Although it is possible that your academic adviser will contact you prior to New Deac Week and be willing to answer questions, you should not expect to hear from him or her until you meet at New Deac Week as many advisers have other obligations until the start of the fall term. Remember, also, that you can find information relevant to academics and registration inForestry 101 or, at our web site (, and if you ‘like’ our Office of Academic Advising Facebook page (

On a different topic, don’t forget TOMORROW’S August 18th deadlines (print move-in day parking pass; register for parking pass; register cell phone with Wake Ready; register property with University Police; download the Life Safe App; submit tuition insurance form; complete your Handshake Profile; read your Project Wake book).  If you did not do so by August 12th, you should also check WIN for any financial holds!

Please contact us at or336.758.3320 if you have any questions!  And if you would like to ask questions of a student adviser, you can

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

All the best,

Dean Buchanan                                                                           

Christy M. Buchanan, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Advising
Professor of Psychology
Office of Academic Advising

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Due August 18

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We know that many of you have connected via social media already.  Be sure to follow @WFUOrientation on Twitter, and request to join the official Wake Forest University Class of 2021 Facebook group.  Finally, visit to download the WFU Orientation Program app (New Deac 2017). You will find the most up-to-date information, including schedules, maps, and much more.  On a laptop/desktop computer or unsupported mobile device, visit to access the content in your web browser. Questions regarding Orientation can be directed to