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WFU Choices and MyStudentBody

WFU Choices

Cultivating Healthier Opinions In Challenging Everyday Situations (CHOICES) is Wake Forest’s substance abuse prevention program. WFU CHOICES offers a number of services: alcohol and other drug-related workshops, trainings and programming; confidential alcohol and other drug individual assessments and brief counseling/psychotherapy; consultation to students, parents, faculty and staff with regards to alcohol and other drug concerns; and referrals to community support services. For more information, contact our Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator, at (336) 758-4371.


Wake Forest University requires that all students complete the MyStudentBody program. MyStudentBody is an online course about alcohol, other drugs and sexual violence designed to increase students’ knowledge, decrease harmful behaviors and provide information to help students make good decisions. Incoming students must complete MyStudentBody by August 1.

To Get Started:

1. Create an account at

2. Use your WFU Google Mail as your username, create password, and enter “deacs” as the school code.

3. Follow the on-screen prompts to enter required security and demographic information.

4. From the My Stuff page, select the Essentials Course by clicking Take Now under Status. Students must complete all three modules (alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence)

5. Complete the questionnaire and pre-quiz for the selected module. Complete all module material. Complete the post-test.

6. You must pass the course (score of 70). You will have 25 attempts.

7. Once you have passed the entire Essentials Course, view your certificate of completion.

Be on the lookout for a 90-day follow-up.