June 15 Email about Health Information and Immunization Records

The following email was sent on June 1st to all new students from the Registrar’s Office.


Hello New Student,

We are looking forward to your arrival at Wake Forest University for the Fall semester.

North Carolina and Wake Forest University requires that you submit your Health Information and Immunization Records to the University before your arrival on campus.  These records must be received by the Office of Student Health Services at Wake Forest no later than Wednesday, July 1 (one month from today).

Please select this link to obtain the Health Information and Immunization Form.  Click on this link for more information about the required immunizations.   You can email your health history and immunization form to SHS@nullwfu.edu as an attachment or mail it to the address listed on the Form. The Students Health Services Office has a Frequently Asked Questions list at  FAQs about immunizations .  If you have more specific questions, please contact student health services at shs@nullwfu.edu or at 336.758.5218.


Harold L. Pace
Assistant Provost & University Registrar