July 29 Email from the Office of Academic Advising

July 29, 2016


August is almost here. Move-In Day is less than one month from now and many of you will be arriving even earlier than that for Pre-Orientation programs. Consider this email your friendly reminder of August 1 deadlines, along with some information about parking and about mentoring opportunities.

At this time, we are still very busy working on your schedules. If you have not submitted your Course Preference Survey (due July 22), we need it as soon as possible. Every day that it is late makes it harder for us review and complete your schedule with your interests in mind! Schedules will not be finalized for another couple of weeks. You will be able to view your schedule on WIN on August 22. I will send another email just prior to this time with more information about schedules. We respectfully request that you hold any questions about your schedule until after you have read that email.

By August 1Monday! – you need to: pay tuition and complete your health insurance enrollment or waiver form.  (If you have not submitted your health information and immunization form, which was due July 1, please do so immediately.  Not documenting your immunizations can result in course cancellation.) If interested, Monday is also the deadline to submit applications for the Proteges Mentoring Program (see more information below) and for two Pre-Orientation programs: Marching Band and SUMMIT Christian Ministries Conference. Starting Monday, the AlcoholEdu and HAVEN online programs will be available; you must complete these by August 25, and because you are moving in on August 26 it could be inconvenient to have to complete these the last moment.

You can still sign up for Project Wake discussion groups with openings; if you are on a waitlist you should switch to another group soon so that you will be able to participate in this wonderful opportunity.  Sign up athttp://newstudents.wfu.edu/summer-academic-project/. Remember to consult Forestry 101 or newstudents.wfu.edu for details on all deadlines, includingAugust 1 deadlines and the upcoming August 18 deadlines.

On-Campus Orientation: Special Dietary Needs?
Wake Forest Dining is committed to providing a safe and comfortable dining experience for all students and their guests. Should you have special dietary needs or concerns during orientation activities, please contact Nutrition Director, Kate Ruley, to discuss options for the family picnic and other such events. She can be reached on campus at (336) 758-2341 or ruleyk@nullwfu.edu.

On August 2nd, you can begin registering vehicles for parking. Please review the Vehicle Registration instructions for all the details!

Advising and Mentoring Opportunities
We expect to release your lower division and student adviser assignments in a couple of weeks (mid-August). Let me take this opportunity to remind you of the video messages about academic advising that I’ve recorded for you at http://advising.wfu.edu (see message to new students on right side of the page). Part II of the video message addresses what you can expect from your academic adviser. This video is only about three minutes long – please be sure to review it as soon as possible and before you come to campus. Additionally, please review the following infographic on building effective relationships as it will provide you with some tips about what YOU can do to make the most of these advising relationships.

In addition to your relationships with your lower division and student advisers, you will find many other opportunities to develop mentoring relationships that can enrich your time at Wake Forest. These opportunities – including several designed specifically for first-year students – are highlighted at WFU’s Mentoring Resource Center (http://mentoring.opcd.wfu.edu/mentoring-programs/). I encourage you to begin reflecting on the opportunities that await you at Wake Forest so that you will be prepared to begin taking advantage of those that seem most fitting for you once you arrive on campus.

All the best,

Dean Buchanan