July 14 Email About Project Wake and Orientation Schedule

July 14, 2016

Dear New Demon Deacons:

Here is what award-winning academic adviser and beloved librarian Hu Womack (leader of Humans & Zombies in the library!!) has to say about why you should sign up for Project Wake:

“Project Wake: Citizenship is an excellent opportunity for new students to engage in discourse around this topic with other new students, facilitated by members of the Wake Forest community who have chosen to give their time to encourage discussion on this topic, using a particular book of their own choosing. Project Wake is an opportunity to meet other new students outside of your advising group or residence hall, while also cultivating discussion on a topic important to the Wake Forest community. As a librarian at WFU and “double deac” (MA ’90 and MBA ’00) I’m excited to see the University offer such a unique experience to the newest members of our community.”

To sign up:  http://newstudents.wfu.edu/summer-academic-project/ .  Remember, when you register for Project Wake, please use your Wake Forest email address (@wfu.edu) and double check to be sure you enter it correctly, so that your discussion leader can easily contact you.

Today’s additional news is that the full On-Campus Orientation schedule is now available at http://newstudents.wfu.edu/orientation-programming/.  A copy will be mailed to you later this month.


~Dean Buchanan