July 13 Email from the Office of Academic Advising about Project Wake

The following message was emailed to all incoming first-year students from the Office of Academic Advising.


July 13, 2015

Dear New Students –

Happy first day of Round I registration!  Many of you completed Round I today – congratulations!  And if you didn’t register for your first 8 hours yet – no worries – you still have time!

Now … have you signed up for Project Wake?  If you have not, it’s time!  See http://newstudents.wfu.edu/summer-academic-project/ for details & sign up instructions.

We at WFU are very excited about this year’s Project Wake.  Each day this week I will be forwarding you some of that excitement as expressed by different members of our community.  Today’s encouragement to participate comes from a 2015 WFU graduate, Nia Evans, who is now working in the Dean’s office at WFU.  Here is what Nia wants you to know:

“Project Wake is an incredible opportunity to engage in an informal, collaborative space. This is not a class or a lecture but a conversation with equal participants. Your voice is a crucial contributor to your group. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives without stakes! No grade, no worries, The beauty of Wake Forest is the abundance of spaces you can find dedicated to intellectual exchange and collaboration based on your own interests. 

Project Wake is not only an incredible experience but it’s also a tool to help you better understand the Wake Forest ethos. Topics of race, gender, sexuality, class, ability, and equity require conversation and examination. At Wake Forest we see uniqueness, complexity, and we recognize that we are all multidimensional with several intersecting identities within each of us. We do not shy away from acknowledging our differences, in fact, we celebrate them and advocate for more. “

To sign up:  http://newstudents.wfu.edu/summer-academic-project/ .

~Dean Buchanan


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