August 18 Email from the Office of Academic Advising

August 18, 2016


Your fall course schedule will be available to you earlier than planned. You will be able to view it on WIN tomorrowFriday, August 19th – at 9 am EDT.  With your schedule in hand, you will be able to order textbooks (textbook ordering instructions) and make other preparations for your classes. You will be able to discuss your schedule with your academic adviser during New Deac Week, specifically the morning of Monday, August 29th. After meeting with your adviser, you will be able to make adjustments to your schedule if you wish.

Our office has worked very hard to craft balanced schedules that take into account your desires and interests as expressed on the Course Preference Survey, the requirements that every first year student has, and the courses available this fall. We worked hard to honor your Round I selections and stated preferences, and we trust you see that reflected in your schedule. Nonetheless, some of you will have questions about your schedule. We have tried to anticipate these questions, and provide some answers below. Before contacting our office with questions or concerns, please read the material in this message closely…and to the very end, where we address those situations about which it is appropriate to contact us. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this material in its entirety.

Until you arrive on campus, any questions you have after reading material provided are best directed to the Office of Academic Advising. Although it is possible that your academic adviser will contact you prior to Orientation and be willing to answer questions, you should not expect to hear from him or her until you meet at Orientation as many advisers have other obligations until the start of the fall term. Remember, also, that you can find information relevant to academics and registration in Forestry 101 or, at our web site (, and if you ‘like’ our Office of Academic Advising Facebook page (

On a different topic, don’t forget TODAY’S August 18th deadlines (register for parking pass; register cell phone with Wake Ready; register property with University Police; download the Life Safe App; submit tuition insurance form; complete your Handshake Profile; read your Project Wake book). On August 24th, you can print move-in day parking pass. If you did not do so by August 12th, you should also check WIN for any financial holds!

Looking forward to seeing you very soon.

All the best,

Dean Buchanan

Why did you make changes to my Round I registration choices?
We made few changes to the courses students chose during Round I.  If we thought changes were advised, we typically checked with you.  However, there are a few reasons we might have changed the courses you chose in Round I without checking:

  • If you registered yourself for a language class at a lower level than where you placed according to your FLPT results, we changed your placement.  You can move up a level from where you place with permission of instructor, but dropping back can be done only through a language appeal process that is outlined in the College Bulletin.  If you find the level into which you were placed very difficult at the start of the semester, talk to your professor about whether it is advisable to appeal to drop back.
  • If the section of a class you chose conflicted with another important class you needed or wanted, we might have switched your chosen section, resulting in a different time for the chosen class.
  • If a 3-or 4-credit class you needed or wanted conflicted with your chosen section of HES 100 or 101, we might have dropped you from HES.  It is easy to meet the HES requirement within the first year without taking these classes the first semester.
  • If you made registration choices that were strongly ill-advised (e.g., registering for two writing-intensive courses; registering for two lab sciences without solid high school AP experience), we might have dropped you from a class.  Our aim was to contact you before making any changes of this sort, but we were not always successful in doing so.
  • If you registered yourself for a class for which records now show you have AP or IB credit.

Why was I not registered in a First Year Seminar for Fall semester?
First year seminars are offered in both the Fall and the Spring semesters and there are not enough FYS seats to accommodate all incoming students in the Fall.  If you have credit for WRI 111 due to AP/IB credit, you can take your FYS in Spring 2017 and your writing course requirements will be met.

Why don’t I have a language when I said I wanted one during Fall semester?
Schedule conflicts and closed sections of language classes prevented us from registering some students who wanted a language.  Some seats in a desired language class that fit your schedule might open up during the drop/add period.  However, if you cannot start your language this fall, please don’t worry.  You will be able to do so in the spring in the vast majority of cases.  If you have any concerns about this, speak to the chair the of language department for your language of choice.

Why am I registered for CHM 111, MTH 111, or ECN 150 when I did not ask for these classes?
If you expressed pre-health interests as a top priority on the CPS, we very likely registered you for CHM 111 if you had not placed out of it or registered for it in Round I (see ).  This is because CHM 111 is not offered in the spring, so it is critical for those who are serious about pre-health to have CHM 111 in the fall.

Many who said they had pre-business interests were registered for MTH 111, ECN 150, or BUS 105.  Unlike CHM 111, all pre-business courses are offered every semester, and they do not need to be completed until fall of the sophomore year.  Therefore, it is not critical to have all – or even two – of them in the first semester.  However, we tried to ensure that all students with pre-business interests have at least one of these courses in the fall to make it easier to complete the prerequisite courses within the first three semesters.  In fact, if you registered for both MTH 111 and ECN 150 in Round I, we might have exchanged one of them for another course that fills a College requirement in order to spread the pre-business offerings out among more new students with pre-business interests.

If you are concerned that your schedule looks too difficult and pursuing these pre-professional interests is not top priority for you, you can drop a class at the start of the term.  We took this strategy because it is easier for students to drop CHM 111, MTH 111, or ECN 150 (and find a replacement) once the semester starts than it is to add one of these classes late.

Why don’t I have MTH 111 or ECN 150 when I said I was interested in the pre-business track?
There are not enough seats in MTH 111 or ECN 150 during fall semester to accommodate all students who expressed pre-business interests.  Don’t worry.  There is time to complete all prerequisites for the School of Business even if you don’t start them in the first semester.  If you are not enrolled in MTH 111 or ECN 150, chances are excellent that you have BUS 105, so you are indeed on your way to filling the pre-Business prerequisites.

Why am I registered for MTH 105L?  Why do I have two MTH classes?
If you are registered for MTH 111 (Calculus with Analytic Geometry I) you have also been registered for MTH 105L (1hr) as long as doing so did not put you above 17 hours.  MTH 105L (1hr) is an on-line pre-calculus review.  All students taking MTH 111 will complete this review regardless of whether they are registered for the class.  Those who are registered for MTH 105L (1hr) will obtain credit for doing this review.  If you do not want the credit for MTH 105L you can drop the class easily once the semester begins; please do so promptly.  If you are not registered for MTH 105L (1hr) but wish to be, you can add it easily once the semester begins.  If adding the class will give you more than 17 hours, you will need to get permission (see instructions for doing so at
On a related note, if you are planning to take MTH 111 in the spring semester and you either (a) did not take AP Calculus in high school or (b) took AP Calculus but received scores below 3 on BC or below 4 on AB … you might consider adding MTH 105L (2hr) to your fall schedule.  This is an on-line pre-calculus review that will help you prepare for MTH 111.  Contact Dr. Ed Allen ( with questions.  MTH 105L (2hr) can be added easily on/afterAugust 29.

Why am I registered for more hours than I requested?
If we had to choose between registering you for fewer credits than you asked for or more credits than you asked for, we typically erred on the side of registering you for more.  Doing so allows you to make the decision about whether you want to drop a class, and if so, which class to drop.  Please note that the last day to drop a full-term class for Fall 2016 semester is October 4(and September 15 for a first part-of-term class).

Why am I registered for a course that I did not even list on my Course Preference Survey?
Whenever possible and appropriate, we completed your schedule using courses on your “wish list”.  However, there were several reasons that we sometimes did not or could not complete a schedule from the list.  Sometimes your expressed pre-professional interests or possible majors suggested that you needed a class that you did not request (see above).  Sometimes there were irreconcilable time conflicts between classes.  Sometimes classes were already full.  When we could not honor your stated choices, our aim was to register you for another course that met a basic or divisional requirement and that provided balance to the rest of your schedule.  Even if you find yourself with a course you never expected, that course should fill a College requirement.  We hope you will remember that there is great value in exploring broadly within the liberal arts and consider this course with an open mind.  In a recent survey, WFU alumni spontaneously expressed appreciation for the courses they would not have thought to take except that they met divisional requirements!

What about the Music Ensemble or the Dance Performance class in which I wanted to be enrolled?
If you said you wanted to be enrolled in a 1-credit music ensemble and do not see it on your schedule, this is because the ensemble time conflicted with another important class, enrolling you for the ensemble would have put you over the 17-hour limit, or you did not specify which ensemble you wanted.  If you are not enrolled in an ensemble and wish to adjust your schedule to accommodate that ensemble, this can be done once the semester begins.

Concert Choir (MUS 115), Collegium Vocal Ensemble (MUS 114),and Orchestra (MUS 113) involve a short audition either during On-Campus Pre-Semester Orientation or through the first week of classes.  Jazz Ensemble (MUS 121) and Wind Ensemble (MUS 118) involve a short playing evaluation rather than an audition.  Individual Instruction on instrument or voice may require a short interview or audition; please check with the Music Office onMonday, August 29, (x5364, Scales Fine Arts Center M309) for more information.

Beginning technique classes in modern, ballet and jazz fill quickly but are open to first-year students if slots are available.  Upper level technique classes require permission of the instructor (POI); if there are openings, students are encouraged to attend class on the first day and seek a POI from the instructor.  Please contact the Department of Theatre and Dance once the semester begins if you want to learn more about your options for these classes.  There are also information sessions for Theatre, Dance, and Music that you are encouraged to attend on the first day of orientation (New Deac Week).

Can I change my schedule???
Yes!  You can make changes to your schedule starting on August 29 after you speak with your academic adviser.  As we worked through registration, the College added seats in and sections of classes that were in high demand.  Thus, you might find some seats available that were not available when we were completing schedules.  In addition, as the semester begins you might find that there are some openings in currently closed classes, as first-year and continuing students alike make adjustments.

Can the Office of Academic Advising make changes in my schedule now?
Because of the many concerns that must be balanced in creating schedules for the entire incoming class, and because it is important for you to evaluate your current schedule with your adviser, the Office of Academic Advising will not take requests for schedule changes prior to August 29 unless one of the following circumstances applies:

1)    You find yourself registered for a class for which you now know you have AP or IB credit.
2)    You expressed a pre-health interest but find you are not registered for CHM 111.
3)    You did not place out of WRI 111 with AP/IB credit and your schedule does not include a writing-intensive course (WRI 105, WRI 111, or FYS 100).
4)    You find yourself registered for 12 or 13 hours when you requested 15 or 16 in your CPS.
5)    You have an ADA accommodation that is not accounted for in this schedule.