July 15th Email About Project Wake, Orientation Schedule, and Round I of Registration

July 15, 2016

Dear New Demon Deacons:

Today’s the day!  Many of you have signed up for Project Wake: Citizenship, but if you have not, now is the time!! If you are still on the fence, consider more of the feedback we received from students who participated last year:

“I thought this discussion was a great way to share ideas, meet my fellow new students, and learn how to contribute in an academic setting.  I would highly encourage incoming students to participate in Project Wake.”

“Project Wake was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed … Among the many things I loved … was how I got the opportunity to meet other students and connect with them.  We go out for lunch, we work out together, we talk about issues together…  I am unbelievably thrilled and grateful I did this.”

 “The program is an excellent part of the orientation programming and not only allowed me to explore the opinions of others and learn about a topic of which I wished to know more, but also helped me meet some people and establish connections with others here at Wake before classes and the school year started.”

“I LOVED Project Wake, I loved the group I was in, and I so loved the conversations that stemmed from our discussion of the book.”

And finally, from me:

“I wish I could share ALL of the comments we received from students last year, because there are so many more like the ones above.  I hope you participate because this is going to be a unique and awesome opportunity to get to know a faculty or staff member and some kindred student spirits in an informal context discussing an interesting book on a topic relevant to all of us at Wake Forest and beyond.”

I am looking forward to getting to know you at Project Wake!!

To sign up:  http://newstudents.wfu.edu/summer-academic-project/ .  Remember, when you register for Project Wake, please use your Wake Forest email address (@wfu.edu) and double check to be sure you enter it correctly, so that your discussion leader can easily contact you.


As we approach Round I of registration, here are some items you might find useful (for other details provided previously, refer to email I sent on July 8, Forestry 101, or the newstudent website, sections on Academics and Registration):

–  If you are interested in the School of Business but still unsure about what a pre-Business student should take in the first year, see http://advising.wfu.edu/school-of-business-information-for-advisers/.  This web page AND the pdf that is linked at the very top of the page should be very helpful.  Note, however, that we do not recommend that you take MTH 111 and ECN 150 in the same semester.  If at all possible, these should be spread out over the first year.  BUS 105 should be taken along with one of these classes in fall or spring.

– Most of the Living-Learning Community FYS or WRI 111 classes are full, based on the interest expressed via the Housing survey.   Even for those that still have a few seats, enrollment is on hold until after residence assignments are finalized, due to the requirement that students be assigned in the matching residence hall.  Therefore, you will not be able to register for these sections (http://advising.wfu.edu/learning_communities/) on your own in Round I.  If you are interested in any of these, feel free to email me or undergraduateadvising@nullwfu.edu. However, because enrollment cannot be guaranteed, if you are interested in a non-LLC FYS or WRI 111 that has openings, you should go ahead and register for that.

–  For questions over the weekend (after 5 pm EDT today), you can email undergraduateadvising@nullwfu.edu or askansa@nullwfu.edu; we will try to respond to questions within 24 hours.  On Sunday evening (7/17) from 6-10 EDT, trained student advisers will be hosting a google chat session (add askanSA to your WFU Google Chat contact list).  On Monday (7/18), you can call (336-758-3320) or email (undergraduateadvising@nullwfu.edu) our office during business hours (8:30-5 pm EDT).

Finally, in case you did not see yesterday’s announcement, the full schedule for New Deac Week (pre-semester on-campus orientation) is now available at http://newstudents.wfu.edu/orientation-programming/.  A hard copy of the schedule will be mailed to you later this month.

All the best,

~Dean Buchanan