July 13, 2016

Dear New Demon Deacons:

Hear about Project Wake from Dean Michelle Gillespie (Who’s that?  She is your Dean of the College, a Professor of History, and a discussion leader for Project Wake 2016 … Learn more at: http://news.wfu.edu/2015/03/25/michele-gillespie-named-dean-of-the-college/):

 “You haven’t signed up for Project Wake yet?  Why not?  Pro Humanitate starts now! Pick one of these definitive books (http://newstudents.wfu.edu/summer-academic-project/) and get reading. No papers. No tests. Just an incredible conversation with your fellow #WFU20. 

-Dean Gillespie” 

To sign up:  http://newstudents.wfu.edu/summer-academic-project/ .  Remember, when you register for Project Wake, please use your Wake Forest email address (@wfu.edu) and double check to be sure you enter it correctly, so that your discussion leader can easily contact you.

Today I am also sharing some information about 1-credit choral opportunities from Dr. Brian Gorelick, Director of Choral Ensembles.  Please keep reading below my signature, and consider these options as you register in Round I and when filling out your Course Preference Survey.

~Dean Buchanan

Concert Choir

The Wake Forest Concert Choir is a 60-voice large mixed ensemble which performs 2-3 times on campus each semester, sings in the Winston-Salem area, and travels internationally every 2-3 years. This past March the group traveled to Italy and performed five times, including at St. Mark’s in Venice and St. Peter’s in Rome. The next tour will be in March 2018 to Barcelona and Madrid in Spain. The Concert Choir seeks the finest in vocal and musical talent on campus and strives to present a varied program of choral music at the highest possible performance level. The ensemble sings the significant choral literature of the past five centuries and newly composed choral works. Concert Choir is offered for 1 hour credit under the course number Music 115. The choir meets on MWF from 12-12:50 pm in Room M208 of the Music Wing of the Scales Fine Arts Center.

Collegium Musicum Vocal Ensemble

The Collegium Musicum Vocal Ensemble is a 20-voice mixed chamber ensemble which performs music from the Medieval to the Baroque periods of music history with the Collegium Instrumentalists as well as other contemporary selections. The ensemble sings in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish over several years in order to present this important repertoire to our audiences. Collegium offers the participants the chance to specialize in the presentation of early music and to enjoy singing in a small group. Collegium Vocal Ensemble is offered for 1 hour credit under the course number Music 114. The choir meets on TR from 5-6:15 pm in Room M208 of the Music Wing of the Scales Fine Arts Center.

Choral Audition Process

An audition is required for acceptance into Concert Choir or Collegium. The audition process is very easy and no preparation is required. Prospective members vocalize with the director to determine their voice’s characteristics and their musical capacities. While past choral experience, vocal training, and music reading skills are preferred, they are not required for membership. All singers with good natural vocal qualities who are willing to give their time and energy to help the choirs reach their musical goals are accepted. The choirs really need new singers from the incoming class to be as successful as possible.  Please enroll in the choir of your choice during Round One of registration or list MUS 114 or MUS 115 on your Course Preference Survey.

Christy M. Buchanan, Ph.D.