Take Advantage of All Wake Has to Offer

We asked current students to think back to their freshmen year and what they wish they had known.  Their advice is below.


Do something every day that is worthwhile.  Whether that be studying a new spot or getting a meal with someone you may not know all that well, your 4 years will fly by.  As a rising Junior, I’m wondering where the time has gone.

Go to the athletic games: from football to field hockey. Go to class, even the 8 ams. Go to parties. But most of all, Go Deacs!

My biggest piece of advice: enjoy every single minute of it whether you’re studying or hanging out with friends. You probably only have four years here. That’s 1 Freshman Orientation, 4 Hit the Bricks, 4 Wake N Shakes, 4 Project Pumpkins, 4 Lighting of the Quads, 4 Arnold Palmer Days (yes Wake has that), 2 President’s Balls, 4 LDOCs (Last Day of Classes), and four years of making some of the best friends and memories of your life. Go do everything that makes Wake Forest, Wake Forest! Swing on all of the swings on Davis Field. Request a song to be played on the bells in the Wait Chapel Tower. Roll the Quad! Order Subway with a milkshake at 2 am in the morning. Take a tour of the tunnels and bell tower Senior year. Most of all, wear your old gold and black with pride! So make your time at Wake Forest as joy filled as it can be. Remember, you have four years on campus, but you will always be a demon deacon for life. As we Wake Forest students often say, “Go Deacs!”

Editorial note:  The comments have been minimally edited and grouped together for coherence.  In come cases, comments were combined with others.  When we had students responding with the same advice, we repeated it for emphasis.  In the event a student offered advice that ran counter to what Wake Forest advises, it was not included.  These comments represent the views of the student commentators, not the views of the Parent Programs office or Wake Forest.