Greek Life

We asked current students to think back to their freshmen year and what they wish they had known.  Their advice is below.


Greek Life should not be the only activity you’re aiming to be involved in. At Wake, you can participate in recruitment second semester, so you are already missing one semester of meeting new people. If Greek life is one of your goals, I strongly recommend being in another activity as well.

Also everyone is always dying to know about Greek life.  The best advice I have is to be yourself and don’t do something just because you feel like everyone is doing it. You may hate Greek life and that’s fine.  You may love it and that is just as fine.  Give it a chance and go the way you feel is best for you. (It doesn’t make you “cool” or “uncool” if you go one way or another).

I highly recommend trying out sorority and fraternity recruitment, regardless of stigma. It’s not the end all be all of campus life and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to pursue it throughout, but it’s a great way to meet more people and it tends to be an outlet of people that share many things in common with you.


Editorial note:  The comments have been minimally edited and grouped together for coherence.  In come cases, comments were combined with others.  When we had students responding with the same advice, we repeated it for emphasis.  In the event a student offered advice that ran counter to what Wake Forest advises, it was not included.  These comments represent the views of the student commentators, not the views of the Parent Programs office or Wake Forest.