Clothing and Miscellaneous

We asked current students to think back to their freshmen year and what they wish they had known.  Their advice is below.


This is to all of my fellow Minnesotans (or Wisconsin so Chicago kids too) who don’t know what to expect for the weather.  Honestly I think this was the thing I stressed most about the summer before I came to wake.   I was SO surprised at how long fall lasted in North Carolina.  Seriously, the clothes that you start to wear in September/October aren’t needed until late November.  The winter obviously isn’t the near death experience it feels like up North but it can be cold so don’t be like me and think you don’t have to bring any coats or sweaters because you will need them (mostly in January and February).  I know 30 degrees sounds like nothing now, but after you’ve been walking to class in that for a few weeks, it gets annoying. Pack a hat.

I would highly suggest a rain coat and rain boots because it does rain a lot and campus gets a lot of “puddles” (read: small lakes).

Also girls, most of us like to wear sundresses and cowgirl boots to football games.  It’s not incredibly fancy and posh but it is nicer than tshirts and shorts.  Guys, sorry but I’m still at a loss for what you all wear to football games. (I’ve seen it range from bow ties to tshirts)

I would encourage you to get a laundry schedule set up so that you know when you’re going to do laundry instead of waiting until you don’t have any clean clothes and you have a test the next day.  Just don’t do laundry on the weekend, especially Sunday afternoons, because that is when everyone in your building will be trying to do it also.

If you’re a Starbucks gold member like I am, you can’t redeem anything at the Starbucks on campus (I know it’s a silly coupon rule- I don’t get it).  So build up your stars on campus but get your free drinks off campus.

Have spare cash!!!

Have a decent amount of cash hidden and stored in your dorm because you will never know if you need it. It could be a surprise trip to Chipotle, ordering pizza or Elizabeth’s (delivery is especially popular during snow days and cold weather), paying someone back, buying a gift, and much more.

Be aware of campus issues and events.


Editorial note:  The comments have been minimally edited and grouped together for coherence.  In come cases, comments were combined with others.  When we had students responding with the same advice, we repeated it for emphasis.  In the event a student offered advice that ran counter to what Wake Forest advises, it was not included.  These comments represent the views of the student commentators, not the views of the Parent Programs office or Wake Forest.