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We asked parents of rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors to think back to their student’s freshmen year and what they wish they had known.  Their advice is below.

Parent communications resources include:

The Parents’ Page (see the menus at left for sections on Q&A, Wake Parents & Families e-newsletter, and more)

Daily Deac blog – learn how to subscribe and have it sent to your mailbox

Quad Cam

Office of Family Engagement (formerly Parent Programs)



The wonderful Parent Programs office that sends [the Daily Deac subscription service] emails keeps you in the loop. Our daughter laughed that I knew more about campus happenings than she did at first.

The Daily Deac  does an incredible job of giving parents a pulse of what is happening on campus. Living very far from NC and only seeing my son at Christmas, this has been a priceless link to campus life.

Betsy Chapman as ‘the Daily Deac’ is the voice for a presence on campus — she writes what she sees, hears, even smells!  But it is a very nice “life-line” to hold on to while you adjust to your student being gone.  You don’t want to be calling them all the time so this is a way to stay indirectly connected to them.  As is the Parents page on the website.

It is wonderful to know what is going on during the school year.  The school keeps you well informed. And check out the Quad Cam every once in a while.

Watch the webcam of the Quad to get a feel for what your student may be experiencing socially (like Hit the Bricks) or weather-wise. It’s a digital option that brings you a little closer.

Ask questions no matter how trivial.  The Parents staff are a great resource. Their patience is limitless, their graciousness and problem-solving information boundless. Let your student solve their own problems as much as possible of course, but when their job is studying and adjusting to life without you, it’s wonderful to know you have information about how to read a tuition statement or when the website goes active to sign up for next semester’s classes.  These people are wonderful at pointing parents to the right person or part of the website, to keep us informed.


[Editorial note: The comments have been minimally edited and grouped together for coherence.  In come cases, comments were combined with others.  When we had parents responding with the same advice, we repeated it for emphasis.  In the event a parent offered advice that ran counter to what Wake Forest advises, it was not included.  These comments represent the views of the parent commentators, not the views of the Parent Programs office or Wake Forest. ]