Miscellaneous Logisitics Advice

We asked parents of rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors to think back to their student’s freshmen year and what they wish they had known.  Their advice is below.


Store anything they don’t need over the summer.  But don’t wait until the Spring semester is over to find a storage unit.  Units near the school get booked early in the spring semester.

Use the Bed & Bath college program – scan at the store in your local area and pick up in Winston Salem. Very nice!  There’s a huge store 15 minutes away near Hanes Mall as well as Walmart, Costco, Kohls and Target (5 minutes).  Better yet, buy everything when you get to campus, especially a dorm rug.

I advise parents to get to know their child’s friends’ families. We have had wonderful connections with our son’s friends and their families and that has been very positive for all parties involved.

Trust and encourage your student to use student health. If they call you at 2am feeling sick with a fever, etc…..there is a staff member there 24 hours! And you have already paid for it! They are very good at what they do! Exceptional care!

Book flights during breaks [after your student has his/her course syllabus and final exam dates] to get the best rate.  Check into change fees because you might have to change flight times.

If you have not been to North Carolina before, come a couple days early and visit Asheville or the Blue Ridge Mountains. It can make the transition to college easier and fun, and gives you some great memories before school starts. If you are flying here, buy your new clothes and supplies in Winston Salem rather than on the plane and just plan on a couple days of shopping once you get here.


[Editorial note: The comments have been minimally edited and grouped together for coherence.  In come cases, comments were combined with others.  When we had parents responding with the same advice, we repeated it for emphasis.  In the event a parent offered advice that ran counter to what Wake Forest advises, it was not included.  These comments represent the views of the parent commentators, not the views of the Office of Family Engagement (formerly Parent Programs office) or Wake Forest. ]