Advice for New Parents and Families

Picnic on Hearn Plaza

Welcome to parents and families of the Class of 2021!  This page contains some of Wake Forest’s best advice that we hope will be helpful for you during the summer before your student arrives on campus.

General Advice  COMING SOON – here are some questions that we typically receive in the Office of Family Engagement and suggestions we offer to families.

Grade Expectations — some thoughts on what you should — or should not — expect about grades.

Course Registration Advice — the New Students website has  specifics about curriculum requirements as well as the advising process and planning for course registration.  We also have one academic adviser’s thoughts on course registration.

Information about Alcohol and Other Substances – COMING LATER THIS SUMMER

Advice from Parents of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors We asked parents of rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors to think back to their student’s first year and what they wish they had known – and they answered!

Student Problem-Solving: Stop, Drop, and Roll – Students need to develop their own problem-solving skills. We encourage families to use the Stop, Drop, and Roll method to give students the independence they need.


Additional Resources


College Mental Health: A Checklist for Parents – on the importance of having a frank and proactive conversation about mental health.


Local Restaurants – COMING SOON.  See the Winston-Salem Visitors Bureau for dining suggestions.

Finally, we wanted to help promote a student entrepreneurial venture that might be of interest to new parents. Wake Wash is a student-run laundry service that you can purchase for your student.  On their website, you can see details on how Wake Wash works, services and plans offered, and the history of the company.  Wake Wash not only helps your student with clean clothes, but it helps the student owner-operators who are learning about entrepreneurship and running their own business!