Virtual New Student Reception

go deacs cookies croppedAt New Student Receptions, we try to have staff members and upperclassmen/women to help answer questions incoming students and parents have.  We cannot host receptions in every area, but we wanted to have a Virtual New Student Reception to share some of the commonly-asked questions here so everyone has the opportunity to access them.

Click on the links below to see short videos or visit web pages about the following topics:

Videos on Academics, Advising, and Course Registration

These short videos from the Office of Academic Advising will help students find resources on the website to help them plan for their course registration (July 18-21).  You can watch the videos or read a PDF transcript below each video. NOTE: while the videos show the logo for the Class of 2019 in the top left, the information is still correct for this year’s Class of 2020; web navigation has not changed.

Where can I find academic requirements so I know the classes I am expected to take?

How can I get some academic advising before self-registration or filling out my Course Preference Survey?

What should I do to help me prepare to register for classes?

What should I register for if I want to apply to the business school?

What should I register for if I want to go to medical school or other health careers?

What should I register for if I want to go to law school or other graduate school?

You can also see one academic adviser’s perspective on how a student might want to think about which classes he/she registers for in Round I.

First-year roommate assignment: what to expect? – residence hall and roommate assigments will be made at the end of July or beginning of August; this short video from Residence Life and Housing offers tips on how to get your best start with your new roommate.

Advice from Current Parents to Incoming Parents – this page gives been-there-done-that parents’ advice on the following areas of life at Wake Forest: academics, social life, logistics, family dynamics, and more.  Choose the topic that interests you.

Student Problem Solving: Stop, Drop, and Roll – a must-read for parents and families about how to handle the times your student encounters difficulties

Advice from Current Students to Incoming Students – current students offer their advice on academics, campus life, logistics such as meal plans and travel, wellbeing, and more.  Choose the topic that interests you.

Main Information Page with Lots of Advice for Parents  a collection of resources from the Office of Family Engagement.