Housing FAQs

A Guide to Who’s Who

Resident Adviser (RA)
Students responsible for actively assisting individuals and groups of students in their residential community; plans initiatives for both individual and building-wide residential communities. Look for a welcome email from your RA in August!

Graduate Hall Director (GHD)
Graduate student who is responsible for the general supervision and management of a residence hall community which houses 200-350 undergraduate students.

Residence Life Coordinator (RLC)
A full-time, live-in professional who supervises RAs and GHDs; helps students with residential concerns.

Faculty Fellows
A group of faculty members assigned to your residence hall who will plan fun, community-building events and be available for informal interaction and advising.

1. Where will I live as a student?

All first-year students will complete a Housing and Dining Application online by logging into WIN > Virtual Campus > Residence Life and Housing. Based on this form, our office will place students with a roommate into one of the six first-year residence halls: Babcock, Bostwick, Collins, Johnson, Luter or South. Residence hall room assignments are made randomly.

2.  How are roommates assigned?

Our high-tech computer algorithms match roommates based on answers to a number of life habit questions. Room and roommate assignments are made without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation or national origin, and we do not assign siblings or friends as roommates. Historically, we have a low percentage of room change requests from first-year students.

3. When will I find out who my roommate is? 

You will be notified via your WFU Google Mail account in late July when your room and roommate
assignment are available in WIN.

4. How can I view the type of room I will be living in?

You may look through each floor plan and view pictures of typical rooms here.

5. What can and can’t I bring to campus?
More info about what you can and cannot have in your room can be found here.

6. When can I move in?

Residence Halls open for new students on August 26. Students participating in Pre-Orientation programs, band, athletics or another approved group, will receive instructions from that program.

7. What are the advantages of living on campus? 

Aside from the short commute to class every morning, living in Wake Forest’s residence halls has many advantages and places you in the center of the collegiate experience. You will be surrounded by a trained staff of helpful and caring resident advisers and a graduate hall director. The staff is available at all hours to answer your questions, provide support and create a safe and fun atmosphere.