Faculty Fellows

The Faculty Fellows Program was created to build community and increase faculty-student engagement, especially outside of the classroom, providing fun and intellectually engaging discussions and activities within and beyond our residence halls.


 Meet the Senior Fellows in Each First-Year Residence Hall:

Katy Harriger, Professor
Department Chair of Politics and International Affairs

“Faculty Fellows provides an opportunity for new students to get to know a few professors outside of the classroom setting, allowing them to see that our faculty are approachable and concerned for students’ welfare both in and outside of class. It also allows faculty to gain a better understanding of the experiences of first year students. I enjoy it because it contributes to building community at Wake Forest.”


Melissa Jenkins, Associate Professor
Department of English

“I’m so excited to begin my term as a faculty fellow in Collins Residence Hall. Wake Forest’s mission has always been to educate the whole student. The Fellows program ensures that faculty-student engagement extends beyond the classroom. I hope to share my experiences with Collins students, but also to learn a lot from them!”

Ananda Mitra, Professor
Department of Communication

“There is a huge satisfaction in watching the youngsters negotiate their way through the new experience of college and watch them grow through the year”

Steve Gunkel, Associate Teaching Professor
Department of Sociology

“I was thrilled to be selected as one of the Faculty Fellows when the program launched two years ago – and, I anticipate another exciting year ahead with the residents of Luter Hall!  The Faculty Fellows Program allows me to form some unique relationships with first year students and we have lots of fun with cookouts, attending campus events (plays, lectures, films), and our signature event – Luter Feast (as part of the Love Feast celebration here).”

John Llewellyn, Associate Professor
Department of Communication

“Faculty are people too; through the fellows program you can learn from them and they can learn from you.”


Barbara Lentz, Associate Professor
School of Law

“At the end of Chamber of Secrets, Prof. Dumbledore tells Harry Potter ‘it is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.’ Your Faculty Fellows can help you find your way at Wake and, just as at Hogwarts, help is always available to those who ask.”