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Meal Plans

All residential students are required to purchase a meal plan. There are several meal plan options available to you. Each meal plan consists of Meal Swipes, Old Gold Swipes, and Food Dollars. Choose the one that best matches your dining lifestyle. Visit the Wake Forest Dining Services website for more information on meal plans and pricing.

Meal Swipes

Meal Swipes are used to access the all-you-care-to-eat locations: the Fresh Food Company and the Magnolia Room. These locations feature a variety of stations including a deli, salad bar, made-to-order Mongolian Grill, Southern Kitchen, pizza, and steamed vegetables.

Food Dollars

Food Dollars work like a debit account. Each time a purchase is made, the amount is deducted from the balance in your account. Food Dollars can be used at any campus dining location. Additional Food Dollars can be added to your account at any time by visiting Wake Forest Dining Services website or the dining office located in Reynolda Hall 12.

Old Gold Swipes

Old Gold Swipes are included in your total number of meals and serve as enhancements to the traditional meals. A portion of your meal swipes are considered Old Gold. In addition to their usage as traditional meal swipes, they may be used to purchase combo meals in the following locations: Subway, Chick-fil-A, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Starbucks, Take Two Deli & Grill, Forest Greens, Shorty’s Late Night, the dining space in Poteat Residence Hall, Einstein Bros Bagels, and Magnolia Room (Weekly Old Gold Dinners).

Meal Plan- Please see important information below for Spring 2014 Plans


The North Carolina Tax Simplification and Reduction Act (Session Law 2013-316) was passed  on August 23, 2013, sales of prepared food and food served to students are now subject to tax. The sales price of student meal plans for the Spring 2014 semester have been adjusted in order to accommodate sales tax due.

The official North Carolina Department of Revenue publication can be viewed at (applicable section is Part III, Effective January 1, 2014, “Food and Prepared Food Served at Institutions of Higher Education“).

Please use this information as you select the meal plan most appropriate for your needs.

Meal Paln
Semester Cost- Base
NC Sales Tax Rate
NC Sales Tax Per Semester Plan
Semester Cost Plus NC Sales Tax
Unlimited Meals with $400 Food Dollars & 85 Gold Swipes$2,5266.75%$170.51$2,696.51
Base 225 Meals with $175 Food Dollars & 55 Gold Swipes$2,0006.75%$135.00$2,135.00
Black 200 Meals with $400 Food Dollars & 50 Gold Swipes$2,1846.75%$147.42$2,331.42
Gold 125 Meals with $675 Food Dollars & 30 Gold Swipes$1,9126.75%$ 129.06$2,041.06
Screamin' 100 Meals with $335 Food Dollars & 25 Gold Swipes$1,3346.75%$ 90.05$1,424.05
North Campus 50 Meals withe $225 Food Dollars & 13 Gold Swipes$ 7346.75%$ 49.55$ 783.55
Commuter 30 Meals with $150 Food Dollars & 8 Gold Swipes$ 4656.75%$ 31.39$ 496.39