Dining FAQs

1. What happens if I do not use all of my Meal Swipes or Food Dollars?

Any unused meals (including Old Gold Meal Swipes) expire at the end of each semester. Unused Food Dollars carry over from fall to spring semester but expire at the end of the spring semester.

2. What’s being served right now? Can I check the menu?

Our menus are available online on the Campus Dish website and through our CampusDish app available for both Android and iOS.

3. What is the difference between Food Dollars and Deacon Dollars?

Food Dollars can be used only for food purchases. Deacon Dollars can be used at a variety of locations, including the bookstore, the Deacon Shop and laundry services in addition to Wake Forest Dining venues. Deacon Dollars carry over as long as you are enrolled as a Wake Forest student.

4. Can I add more Food Dollars?

Additional Food Dollars may be added at our office at Reynolda Hall 12 or by visiting the Campus Dish website.

5. Can I change my Meal Plan?

Meal Plan changes are administered from the Office of Residence Life and Housing. For more information and deadlines, please visit the Residence Life and Housing website

6. How do I track my Meal Plan usage?

Food Dollars balances can be checked at the kiosks located in the Fresh Food Company, through the residential dining hall cashiers and on the Campus Dish website. Meal Swipes can be checked through any residential dining hall cashier. On our site, you can also sign up for Low Balance Alerts to stay up-to-date on your Food Dollars.

7. Am I required to have a Meal Plan?

All students who live on campus are required to have a meal plan. The requirement for amount of meals purchased varies depending on where a student is living on campus. Students who live off campus are not required to have a meal plan, but they may purchase a specialized commuter meal plan when they register their off-campus address in WIN. Please visit the Residence Life and Housing website for more information regarding Dining Services, including meal plan options and rates.


Food is the fuel your body needs to function. Making smart choices is a critical part of health and wellbeing. Special dietary needs and concerns can be accommodated by contacting our registered dietitian. Please visit our main office in Reynolda Hall 12 for more information or visit our website.


One of our many goals at Wake Forest Dining is to further the sustainable mission of our institution. Through sourcing, preparation and waste diversion (recycling and composting), we contribute to a more sustainable food and dining system. Our efforts include the following:

  • Collecting prep waste in the Pit, coffee grounds at Starbucks and all food waste in North Dining for composting
  • Implementing the Reusable To-Go Program at the Fresh Food Company, eliminating all styrofoam products
  •  Offering recycled content and compostable products in Benson University Center at all retail outlets
  •  Recycling 100% of our fryer oil to be repurposed as biodiesel fuels
  •  Saving 900 gallons of water per day through trayless dining, resulting in 198,000 gallons of water saved per school year
  •  Offering fair trade coffee in Starbucks and the Fresh Food Company
  •  Introducing “green cleaning” equipment, reducing our chemical usage by 65% for cleaning purposes

For more information on Wake Forest University’s commitment to sustainability, please visit the Office of Sustainability website.