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The Office of Sustainability provides students with the support to transform their interest in sustainability into passionate leadership. Whether we can encourage you to change a few light bulbs or inspire you to become a change agent for sustainability, there is a place and a way for you to get involved.


Stop by our tent to get a personal recycling bin on Move-In Day. When you go home for the summer, you will be able to turn it back in and donate any other un-needed items to charity through the Deacs Donate campaign.

Think Green Thursdays

Explore sustainability through interactive, educational, and fun events every Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on the Magnolia Patio or in front of the Pit. You will have the chance to win prizes that support a sustainable lifestyle.

Campus Garden

Volunteer in the Campus Garden, located behind the Sustainability theme house. Much of the food grown in the garden supplements the meals prepared by Campus Kitchen volunteers, who are working to alleviate hunger in our community.

Choose to Reuse

Fill up your reusable water bottle at any of our 10 bottle-refilling stations across campus, from ZSR to Reynolda Hall and the Miller Center. If you want to take food to-go from the Pit, enter through the Green Scene Express and get your reusable to-go container. Bring it back to get a freshly sanitized box the next time around.

Get greener

Train to become a certified peer-to-peer educator for sustainability through the Eco-Reps program. If you choose to join a Greek organization, Greeks Go Green might be the place for you to lead. For those who want a professional resume-building experience, the office hosts 10 undergraduate internships each year.