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Steps Prior to Registration

1. Complete the Directed Self-Placement (DSP) | Due June 10

The DSP helps you make an informed decision about which writing-intensive course (WRI 105, WRI 111, or FYS100) to take first. In completing the DSP, you will read an article and write a response. You should give yourself roughly a week to complete this essay in order to simulate the expectations of college-level work. You will then answer questions that help you to reflect on this writing experience and your past experiences as a reader and writer. Use the instructions we provide to help guide your choice of a writing-intensive course based on your answers to the reflective questions.

The DSP coordinator and professor of your first writing-intensive class will receive your essay and your answers to the reflective questions. Although you will not receive direct feedback on your essay, the DSP coordinator will email you feedback about your placement choice prior to the first round of registration.

Course descriptions can be found online for writing courses and First-Year Seminars.

2. Foreign Language Placement (FLP) Test | Due July 1

If you studied one of the following languages you must complete a FLP test online: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian, or Spanish. The test can be found on WIN > Virtual Campus > FLP and takes between 1 and 1.5 hours to complete. Students who have studied Arabic or Hebrew (Classical or Modern) will need to take a brief placement exam once you have arrived on campus.

You must take a placement test in any language studied in high school even if you do not intend to continue with it (just in case you change your mind in the future!).

If you scored 3 or higher on an AP exam or 6 or higher on an IB foreign language test, complete the first 4 steps of the FLP test, which will allow you to enter AP/IB credit information and be placed on the basis of your course and score. Don’t forget to submit your AP/IB scores directly to the Office of the University Registrar. If you have yet to receive your AP/IB scores, complete the entire FLP test. Your placement will be adjusted if a late-arriving AP/IB score indicates a different placement.

When Registering for your foreign language:

  • If starting a new language, start at the 111-level.
  • If continuing with a language you previously studied, enroll in the class in which you are placed.
  • If you feel your placement is inaccurate, discuss your concerns with your foreign language professor once you arrive on campus.


you complete your FLP test before the CPS, because the CPS asks for your thoughts on foreign language requirement/placement.

3. Course Preference Survey (CPS) | Due July 1

The CPS will help you think about your registration decisions for Round I of registration. The survey will be emailed to your Wake Forest Google Mail account in early June. Once submitted, it will also help the professional advisers in the OAA take your interests, concerns, and intended major into consideration when completing your registration. Finally, the CPS will help your Lower Division Adviser get to know you and advise you more effectively.