Pre-Professional Advising

  • Interested in the School of Business? The prerequisites required for application have changed for first year students. Interested students must now complete (or have the appropriate AP/IB credit for) ECN 150, MTH 111, ACC 111, and BUS 105 in order to apply for the School of Business. If there is availability you may register for ECN 150 or MTH 111, but these do not need to be completed until fall of sophomore year. BUS105 should be completed in the first year. Please see the 2016-2017 Undergraduate Bulletin or the Office of Academic Advising for requirements. Admission to the School of Business undergraduate program is by formal application in January of the sophomore year, and applicants are screened by the School’s Committee on Admissions, Continuation, and Scholarships. The number of students who can be accommodated is limited and meeting the minimum requirements is not a guarantee of admission. Therefore, the School of Business reserves the right to grant or deny admission or readmission to any student even though he or she meets the minimum requirements. 
  • Interested in a Career in Health or Allied Health? Careers in the health professions (e.g., medicine, dentistry, veterinary) or allied health professions (e.g., physician’s assistant, physical therapy, nursing) do not require a particular major, but they do require planning in order to complete requirements and take advantage of additional learning opportunities, such as study abroad. Most pre-health students will take one to two science classes in the first semester. For important information about course recommendations and selection based on your AB/IB experience and projected major, see the pre-health website.
  • Interested in Law School or Graduate School? There are no specific requirements for students interested in attending law school or graduate school. You are encouraged to take courses that develop your skills and interests, challenge you to think critically and creatively, and prepare you to read, write and communicate well. For more information, see pre-law and OPCD Graduate school websites.