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July 15th Email About Project Wake, Orientation Schedule, and Round I of Registration

July 15, 2016 Dear New Demon Deacons: Today’s the day!  Many of you have signed up for Project Wake: Citizenship, but if you have not, now is the time!! If you are still on the fence, consider more of the feedback we received from students who participated last year: “I thought this discussion was a […]

July 14 Email About Project Wake and Orientation Schedule

July 14, 2016 Dear New Demon Deacons: Here is what award-winning academic adviser and beloved librarian Hu Womack (leader of Humans & Zombies in the library!!) has to say about why you should sign up for Project Wake: “Project Wake: Citizenship is an excellent opportunity for new students to engage in discourse around this topic […]

Orientation and Move-In

We asked current students to think back to their freshmen year and what they wish they had known.  Their advice is below. ———————- Coordinate with your roommate on who will bring what.  The in-room refrigerator/microwave is a nice addition. On travel, arrive a couple days early to get acclimated and make sure you’re organized to move […]

Orientation and Move-In

We asked parents of rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors to think back to their student’s freshmen year and what they wish they had known.  Their advice is below. ———————- Expect to wait in a long line of cars on move-in day; be patient and know that you WILL make it to the front of the […]

Pre-Orientation Programs

Information on this site is for the class of 2020. Information for the class of 2021 will be available May 2017. What’s even cooler than Orientation? Pre-Orientation, of course. You can start your Wake Forest experience early with one of our optional Pre-Orientation programs. Make a few new friends out in the wild, get to know […]


August 18 Email from the Office of Academic Advising

August 18, 2016 Dear [STUDENT], Your fall course schedule will be available to you earlier than planned. You will be able to view it on WIN tomorrow – Friday, August 19th – at 9 am EDT.  With your schedule in hand, you will be able to order textbooks (textbook ordering instructions) and make other preparations […]

Move-In Message for New First Year Students (including Parking info)

The following message will be sent to all new first-year students (who are not participating in Pre-Orientation programs) in the coming days, but Residence Life and Housing has given us a preview, as we know parents and families need this information to plan. To Our Newest Demon Deacons – I want to take a moment […]

July 29 Email from the Office of Academic Advising

July 29, 2016 Dear STUDENT, August is almost here. Move-In Day is less than one month from now and many of you will be arriving even earlier than that for Pre-Orientation programs. Consider this email your friendly reminder of August 1 deadlines, along with some information about parking and about mentoring opportunities. At this time, […]

Wake Ware Laptop Program

New students were sent information about the Wake Ware laptop program last week.  Here is a copy of that email. Important notes: Last day to order to ensure your laptop arrives in time for school is August 1 Apple’s Summer special is buy any Mac and get Beats wireless headphones. This offer lasts until September […]